NLL Expansion and more characters

Was announced today that Fort Worth will be joining the league for '21-'22.

Hopefully, they'll get a couple more Canadian cities in the future too. Would be nice to see things work out in Edmonton and Hamilton again.

This will keep the league balanced at least. In the history of the NLL with teams coming and going quick in the past, I believe this is the first one ever in Texas.

Yeah, would like to see a few more Canadian cities. Edmonton for sure and perhaps Ottawa or somewhere in Quebec.

So much easier to expand if the infrastructure is already in place.

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Hopefully a team in Texas will help solidify things in San Diego. But if business doesn't take off in those cities, maybe they'll look to relocate up north. :grinning:

I am for Canadian teams as well.

Hamilton still may not be able to get an NLL franchise.

It's also the reason they can't get an NHL franchise.

Toronto and Buffalo.

Glad to see another team.
Never played or followed Lacrosse until Saskatoon got a team.
Now we make sure we get to at least a few games every year.
Great spectator sport.

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...any word on if the team from Ft.Worth is going with ‘Redskins’ now that it’s available?