N'Keal Harry a bust in the NFL?

N'Keal Harry, who qualifies as a National in the CFL has not lived up to his #1 Draft status with the Patriots. Apparently they are looking to trade him or maybe they will release him this fall. Looking up the CFL 2019 draft he wasn't selected, so would be a FA as far as any CFL rights. He will probably get some more looks down South but may eventually make his way to the CFL if he wants to keep playing. Just a few times I have seen him play, I thought his acceleration was more like a tight end so maybe they think he's not quick enough at WR. He is a big guy at 6'4 225. However, with the waggle in the CFL he might have success as a slot receiver with that running start. We can't get ahead of our selves, but they are calling him a bust in New England.


K'Neal Harry... he must be N'Keal's evil twin

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I think they're identical. Lol

Yep. He's a bust. Harry never stood out to me when I saw the Patriots play

I had a friend in high school that pitched AA and had he not prioritized education was scouted for AAA. I asked him the biggest difference between levels was and he said the speed of the game.
The draft is a lottery hoping you get a guy who can step up that extra level in every part of his game.