Nissan WAAAAAAAAY Too Early CFL Power Rankings

Since it’s entirely on paper, the cats are clearly way too low.

(Read for yourself, but think it should probably be

Ottawa lost a lot…)

If FA losses puts OTT last how does CAL rank first? CAL has to prove they can recover .
This is dumb,

These rankings almost seem to be based on last year’s QB stats. Reilly couldn’t lift the Esks out of the West basement last season so why do his new stomping grounds in BC automatically bump the Lions to 3rd overall. Especially with an unproven rookie Head Coach.

Power rankings are a waste of time until after week one.

Is there any chance that Gerbear had input into this! :o

For those not keeping track…The Stamps have lost to date 16 members from their Grey Cup team of last year . They also have on top of that another 4 players from that team that are currently unsigned for a total loss so far of 20 players (almost half their roster) . You could also add in the loss of their DC Claybrooks to the Lions . Yes they did sign Bo Levi BUT outside of that there are a lot of holes to fill and departures as well to still rank this team as the cream of the crop and top dog in the league at this stage .

So who should be first?

Who should be first you ask ? Why us of course ;D

I expect Ham to at least be first in the east.

wild guess


I do not expect much from Ed as long as Maas is running the show.

Wild guess


Please, no Hamilton is favoured to finish first talk, we all know how well they do when predicted to win the East.

And who does Reilly have to throw to in 2019. Arceneaux, Collins, Parker, and Posey are gone. Jeremiah Johnson’s combined 860 combined yards from 2018 are gone. Just double-team Bryan Burnham and Reilly will be spending every game on his rear end.

As several posters have pointed out, over the years, in several posts on several threads, you still have to play the game to see who the winners are. At this point, the power rankings are just a handy springboard to spark some interest and conversations prior to the season. More fun than fact.

Of course, my preference is to list Hamilton first, but I have to be honest, I always do, and sadly I am rarely correct. :slight_smile:

This power ranking seems more accurate

Looks better than the other list but I would put the Esks above the Riders because Esks have Dean and Unamba. ;D

Agree. Plus, when Collaros inevitably gets injured, the Riders have even less behind him than they did last year.

I hope for his sake, he doesn’t suffer another serious injury.

Definitely hope he avoids any more concussions. Would (or perhaps, should) end his playing career if he does. Maybe new HC will be more aware of need for QB protection.