Nissan Power Rankings

Not that it really means a lot but still nice to see the Ticats getting some respect.

We’re number one! We’re number one!

What’s interesting is that HAM has held every spot in the rankings over the course of the season, other than #9 (generally reserved for MTL or TOR). Only SSK and TOR can match our 8-category “range”, but they have each held every spot except for #1.

It’s nice to see us ranked first but in all honesty I would currently have Winnipeg in the number #1 slot at this time . The fact that they are the hottest team in the league right now having won 4 straight with two of those four wins coming at a combined score of 61 - 3 over Edmonton and Saskatchewan I think merits them the number #1 position for the “moment” (emphasis on the word moment).

For what it’s worth here would be my Power Rankings based on current outcomes the last few weeks


THIS makes more sense.

Sask has won 7 of their last 9… they cant be 7th.


Rankings mean didly squat. Nice but we all know they are useless.

The standings are power rankings.

The reason we moved from 3rd to 1st in the power rankings is because now we have Sinkfield. ;D

My sentiments exactly - one game, no matter how badly won or lost should not move you more than one spot.

…if the Argos lose again, it’ll be 8th in a row matching our dismal streak of 2017. Now, no team, no fans…just a very nice playing facility & coach in TO.

I agree. ;D ;D

Everyone is starting to feel the Sinkfield spirit… You can’t stop it.

Bill Parcells said “You are what your record says you are”.

Pat Lynch (the old guy who’s ranked 268th in CFL PICK’EM)

Its been a wild season! Don’t think anyone’s pick dems have been too good!

Fixed it they didn’t have fans when the won either .

The Sinkfield effect
He will dress, he will play, we will win. :slight_smile:

A CFL rankings where Calgary is not #1 just seems wrong.

I agree to a point. However, what are they currently doing, other than stinking out the joint?

For a guy that has not played a single down this year, has the power to change our ranking to 1st - a place we have NEVER been (did they even have rankings in 1999?)…whats he think he’s Johnny Football or something?

This week we are back where we belong - #6, last among the playoff teams.

New king of the jungle leads Nissan Titan Power Rankings

Lose a game by 4 pts. and drop from #1 (I realize that wasn’t deserved) to #6 in a 9-team ranking.
O.K. That’s enough paying any attention to “Power Rankings.” ::slight_smile: