nissan player of the game

is there a rule that says it has to be a player from the winning team?

for all that ZC achieved, only 58.6 % completion
how often does a qb throw for 300?
how often does a qb throw 3 tds with no ints?

how often does a receiver make 14 catches for 183 yards?

which is more rare?

NPG should have been walker.

...I agree

Yeah but, a lot of his catches were in garbage time near the end of the game.

Walker had zero impact on the game. Zach on the other hand took every opportunity to that was given to them and punched it in for a TD. Now you could suggest that it should have gone to a defensive player like Mike Daly who had two interceptions, but the idea that a player of the game comes from a team that was absolutely dominated is, quite frankly, silly.

Given this humble comment in your victory :roll: , I'll be interested to see how our receivers perform on September 19th and if having Reilly back will make a difference.

Otherwise I also disagree on your point and agree with FYB.

I tend to agree with Wheezer. How many of Walker's catches and yards were after Hamilton had a huge lead and the Ti-Cats defence would naturally be playing with less intensity and laying off the receivers a bit?

Likewise Collaros had almost all his numbers before the 3rd quarter was over and coasted from there. If he had kept playing with the same intensity and determination to gain positive yards through the last 20 minutes of the game - instead of just coasting to run down the clock he may have added another touchdown or two and another 100 yards or more.

And remember he threw for 3 touchdowns and ran for one himself against a defence who had not given up ONE touchdown at home - in the opponents last 49 pocessions before last night's game.

Collaros was the right choice IMO.

I will remember this post, and can't wait to reply after the game on September 19!

Which goes to show that statistics sometimes don't mean a lot. One team gets a huge lead and goes into prevent defense, the other team must go into the "all pass" mode and the defense gives them all the short stuff.
ZC might have gone 58.6% but they all counted.

Obviously the 14 catches didn't help his team much did it? remember there is no "I" in team, unless you are French then it's "équipe" which is french for team and there is an "I" in it............ :roll: :lol:

Correct..there is no I in team but there is one in win :wink:

But there is ME in team :smiley:

What? You're acting like the Cats won as a result of a fluky fumble on the last play of the game. The Cats won by 29 points, scoring 6 offensive and 1 defensive touchdowns on the road against what was the number one rated defence at that time. Nothing I said wasn't factually true. No hyperbole, no overstating the facts. It seems too many can't handle the idea the Tiger-Cats are that good of a team...