Nissan "cheer" commercials

Anyone else tired of those lame Nissan cheer commercials?

Who comes up with these?

Very tired!

...agreed, but at least there is no duckface

Yes, and I am so tired of the lame....."GO --------your team-------------GO" that must be the most lame chant in Canadian Sports. Do Canadians know any chants or songs that are original??
I cringe when I hear Sask fans singing "Green is the colour" my gawd that song was put out by Chelsea FC for the FA Cup in 1972, it was "blue is the colour" I couldn't believe it when I heard the Riders change words from Blue to If I was Chelsea I would sue the Riders.


Never mind that, I love the new "how to" Rona commercials.
Funny as hell.

The only good one is the bathroom remodel. "And if you get into a tight spot, improvise. ... Gives it that renaissance look." :lol: The other ones are too obvious. "No primer?" "Why bother? It'll just cover up the old colour." Lame. :thdn:

Funny and creative.

The one who did the Argo cheer sounded like she was heckling the Argos rather than cheering for them.

Those aren’t real fans. First of all they all have the exact same studio like quality. Secondly there’s no way a real fan would chant that lame. Like they’re not even cheering at all, it looks like some inside joke where they think they can make the CFL look ad all season. They all cheer the same lame chant too in a kind of drawl no energy cheer? Isn’t this for a contest, nobody sae would be that lame. There is no possible way that these commercials are real

Not real fans! Maybe these companies need to ask the fans on what type of advertising would help sell their product and get people into their store.

Fixed it for ya :wink:

I saw one with a Stamps fan, saying "go Stamps Go!". But it was like he was falling asleep with no effort and like he has a noise curfew!

Get some real cheers!