Nine Time Vet's Guide to the GC Festival

Every year I get lots of questions from CFL fans around the country about what to do an where to go on Grey Cup weekend. Luckily, years of experience has taught me many things about the festival so you don't have to learn through trial and error.

Back by popular demand: The Hoser's Guide to the 103rd Grey Cup:


Getting around in Winnipeg (hint: free buses)
Team party rankings (and the best days to go)
Day by day itinerary to get the most out of the festival
How to get a chance to carry the Cup at the Fan March (not easy)

If I missed something important, please discuss.

I can't wait for tomorrow!!!

It's the most wonderful
time of year
for a beer!

As an ex 'pegger and a 13 Cup attendee (including 9 in a row btwn 2004-2012) I have to say this guy is pretty much bang on regarding the Cup and the city...nicely done! Haven't heard the term "LC" in quite a few

That is a very nice picture of JOHNNY CLASSYCHARM in the Als section.

lol thanks guys!

Just want to offer up some advice to anyone going to IGF.

Get there as early as you can. Get whatever treats you need, water coffee, hot chocolate or peanuts asap.

If you go to the food/ drink stands during the game , expect to miss a good portion of the game.

I have been to 2 games in Wpg while the Stamps played.

The first game , I missed 8 min of the 3rd qrtr standing in a line up for a bottle of water.

The second , I tried at half time and missed 5 min.

That was in a 3/4 filled stadium. It will be worse this Sunday.

There are no video monitors near the concessions?