Nine teams - How about three divisions of three ???

That other post about one division of nine teams got me thinking.

If the league is never going to add a tenth team,
why not make it three divisions of three?

During an 18-game regular season,
Each team could play division rivals 3x each (for a total of 6 games)
and non-division opponents 2x each (for a total of 12 games).

Each division winner would get a playoff berth and a first-round bye,
while two wild-card teams would have a play-in game.

Then the winning wild-card team would play at division champ 1,
and division champ 3 plays at division champ 2.

Umm - no. Which of the 4 East teams would you put in a different division?

Hamilton of course. It is 35 miles further west than Toronto.

Gotta give altaeria credit for trying.

Hamilton would be traveling more than any other team. Not fair.

I go with the Argos Dan - better air connections to Winnipeg and Regina. The Cats would face the extra hour on the highway to get to Pearson. :slight_smile:

(As an aside - just what the CFL East needs. Either fewer games between Toronto and Hamilton - or between Ottawa and Montreal. That should help interest here.)

I hear ya, Pat but if the Argos are leaving from BMO to go to Pearson, it just might take longer than the Cats leaving from THF. I bet it's close in spite of the distance difference. I know, the Cats can leave Hamilton after midnight with all those Purolator jets. ;D

Hey Dan - at least our sense of humour is in line with this topic. :slight_smile:

I'd be for it if they kept the Ontario teams together.

Montreal can shack up with the Banjo twins.

From BMO you can walk to the Island airport and catch direct flights to Montreal & Ottawa, no need to go to Toronto International.

How about we leave it the way it is. :slight_smile:

Having 3 divisions would increase the chance of having a weak one....maybe two depending on where the power is.

With different time zones, networks would never go with it either for the same reason why most North American Leagues have an east-west divide.

But will give points to the OP for innovation!

How about we keep 2 divisions but rotate the teams in each division each year.

year 1

Division A
BC, Edmonton, Calgary, Sask, Winnipeg

Division B
Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal

Year 2

Division A
Edmonton, Calgary, Sask, Winnipeg, Hamilton

Division B
Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, BC

Year 3

Division A
Calgary, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Toronto

Division B
Ottawa, Montreal, BC, Edmonton


And another thing I was thinking is that teams should alternate their names from city to province each year.

Division A
Vancouver Lions, Alberta Eskimos, Alberta Stampeders, Regina Roughriders, Manitoba Blue Bombers

Division B
Ontario Tiger-Cats, Ontario Argonauts, Ontario Redblacks, Quebec Alouettes

Did I miss something? Swear to you know who this isn't off-season talk? 8) One division, ok, an argument there, but 3? Nada.

You want to go from 6 playoff teams to 5 and move 1 east team to the prairies with Winnipeg and Sask dramatically increasing their travel costs.

Financially a disaster.

And I thought I had too much time on my hands.

Leave it as it is.

why not 9 divisions?


Thinking the exact same thing. We could have 9 division winners after the pre-season end and then a three tier playoff system. In the first tier - to make things easier - we could group maybe 5 teams in the west and 4 teams in the east. Let them play against each other but throw in games from the other - what will we call it? A division? - division to make things interesting. Then at the end of that tier we could have a second tier where the top teams in each playoff division play each other to determine a winner. Then THOSE 2 teams could play for the Grey Cup! How about it gang?

With apologies to the original poster. :slight_smile: (Just spent an evening working on the computer and I'm fried.)

Dude. Not bad. I like it.

Way to think outside the box

<<<touches nose

You might be onto something.

Now you're tawkin'