Nine Players Released

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A bit surprising about Akra (given Bowman's injury) and Restelli (given that we just released Ferri; guess they really like that guy with the bad haircut).

Bear Woods ?! :wink:

Herb reporting Woods is on crutches with a sprained foot.

Am curious why Restelli was released, no word so far, kind of overshadowed by Ferri and Boulay.

While the Als are at 1 player below the roster limit, I nevertheless wonder if they will proceed with more cuts,before tuesday's game.

They are now at 75 players; excluding injured players such as Diedrick.Chima,London,Roy and Woods they will basically have 68 players or so available for the game; no way that they will bring all these players to Toronto; the ones left behind,excluding injured players, are not expected to make the team and it is why I would not be surprised if between 4 and 7 players are released before tuesday.


But a bunch of them don't count till the beginning of the season don't they ?

Like Graves, Quinlan, Ruttan, Bryn, Adebayo, Alexander...

We know the two Canadian QB's will go back to school. I'm thinking some of the receivers and running backs will continue to be evaluated in Toronto, London won't make the trip. Then there is the issue of our Offensive linesmen. I can't imagine we can make room for Barrette, Alexander, White,Bomben,Matte. Freaky we have five NI Offensive Linesmen extra and all are promising. I think Bomben and Matte make the 46 and White,Barrette and Alexander go on the 10 man practice roster ? What's your thinking Richard ? Unless the Als trade one out West ?

I think MJ is just jealous of the hair :slight_smile:

Just had my pic taken with Spaceman Bill Lee, Larry Parrish and Jim Fanning.

Guess what hat spaceman was wearing? Impact? no Habs? nope: A-LOU-ETTES baby.

Saw a telus alouettes ad in berri metro and the collectible store i went to is selling alouette season tix on the 55 yard line.

Happy father's day everyone.

Travis Williams dissing Popp on twitter

'From outplaying my competition to getting released....only in the CFL.'

'Jim Popp running a fraud business'.


Yes, the Graves,Quinlan,Adebayo,Alexander,Ruttan,etc-a total of 11-don't count and they can remain until June 23rd,when final rosters have to be set. Beside these,we have 64 players; teams have to be down to 65 by midnight today. I was wondering if amongst these 64 some will be released before tuesday's game. There is no need.

The Als have added non-import CB Dylan Hollohan to their roster. He was one of the best rated DBs in this year's draft. His small size-5.10 and 183- was an issue.At the CFL combine he was first in vertical jump,second in broad jump and fourth-4.53- in 40 yards dash. The release of Etienne has probably prompted this signing.


Dylan Hollohan is only 22 years old.


Travis Williams is better on Twitter than on a football field. His bad performane last thursday is the reason why he was released. Bye Bye


He did play very well during the pre-season. Maybe its his attitude and character he needs to work on...

What a moron. Manages to denigrate the Als, Jim Popp, and the entire CFL in one tweet. Good riddance.

Diantre! S'il y en a un qui s'est fait rouler dans la farine toute la soirée jeudi dernier, c'est bien T. Williams. Il a manqué au moins trois plaqués cruciaux, dont deux à cause d'un mauvais angle de rétention. S'il pense avoir été le meilleur, il n'a pas vu le même match que moi. Peut-être était-il sur le terrain que de corps, finalement?