Nine players fined from Week 8 games

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League has announced that nine players have been fined from Week 8’s games.

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What was the deal with Evans & Company getting fined?

It was the same fine that Duke Williams got last year for eating a fans nachos in the field side lounge area in Edmonton.

Dane Evans and company went past the barrier to sit in one of the empty cozy fan chairs and pose for the camera.

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Thats a lame fine.

Remember lastyear when Davis (Then with Mont) lept into the North endzone, and fans pushed him back? That kind of stuff I could see getting fined for.

Yeah, interesting that wasn’t a fine though. I also recall Willie Jefferson getting fined for giving kids his gloves during the Labour Day Classic last year for taking off their Riders jersey. I’m not sure what the specific criteria is for these fines.

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Could read as “Celebrating forbidden at Commonwealth Stadium”.

Not that there has been cause for any in ages…


Very dumbass rule this on if I may say so… He should be commended for shenanigans that make people want to show up the live games…
This rule I think was for players interaction with fans as in fight club interactions .

I believe the Stampeders were fined for sitting in those same chairs recently.

I just remembered that one of the players, maybe it was Lucky Whitehead, opened a bag of chips and poured them into his helmeted face. Maybe the CFL head office has something against players wasting snacks?

As far as the celebration fines go I hope that they’re pretty small. A token slap on the wrist just to get the point across.

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It was put in place after the playoff game altercation in Hamilton - and with good reason.

Fans and players mixing together usually ends badly. They all know where the no go areas are so it’s really stupid if you can’t just go back to your bench and celebrate…

I think the key part here is that it’s the visiting team entering the fans-only area. Home team players probably get away with it because it’s generally their fans they’re interacting with so no real danger to either party. But for visiting teams, there could be animosity and when dealing with drunk fans, who knows what could happen.


Too many players put too much thought and effort into “entertaining” celebrations. I wish they would put more of that into playing the game.


Yes they were fined for the same thing the league needs money

Plain reality is the CFL brought this in last season and plainly said “go here, don’t go here”.

Teams have begun to get the point as it doesn’t happen often - usually once a season.

As part of the same thing, they need to start enforcing the bench areas better. We see guys standing on the white stripe all the time but in reality there is a yellow stripe behind that which is where the players are supposed to be. Properly enforced, it gives opposing players a space to redirect in around the bench - and avoids the usual scrum when an unliked opposition player ends up in a bench area.


Jones got freight-trained by a ref and even drew penalty for being on the wrong side of that line… Next play he stood in the same place and the same every play in every game since