Nine CFL teams playing in the same city

I wonder if TV revenue without travel costs would make the CFL richer? All nine teams would play in the same city like the USFL.

Something to think about.

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They'd have a better chance of having 2 teams in every stadium. Surrey/Vancouver, Calgary/Lethbridge, Edmonton/Medicine Hat, Saskatoon/Regina, Winnipeg/Brandon, Hamilton/London, Toronto/Kitchener, Ottawa/Cornwall and Montreal/Sherbrooke

would most likely lead to lower attendance.

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Iā€™ve thought about it.

The league must be based in Yellowknife as they have never seen a game live. Of course a dome of sorts would be needed. I checked on line to see if a now well established Home Depot Dome existed in Yellowknife. Unfortunately I could not find a Home Depot Dome, but fear not, there is a similar venue, namely the Home Hardware Dome. It is pictured below.

Although I am open to alternate suggestions, I believe the issue is solved and that there is no need to prolong this thread.


Yeah most sources imply we get majority of revenue from gates
And some teams (like Argos) have a large number of walkups
I can't imagine it would make more money

Even putting all 9 teams (or splitting into east / west bubble cities) noone is driving across say Sask to watch 2 out of market teams compete

Sure why not. No reason that city even needs to be in Canada is there? Anymore good ideas? How about square footballs!


Ya I like the idea of the ticats moving to London and sharing a stadium with London

I Know that's not what you meant but I still like that idea

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Have you seen the attendence for the not Binghamton games... You would be lucky to see 20-100 fans in the stands for a non binghamton game... No thanks I rather play in my home town and have more fans more $$$

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Move all of the games to Atlanta, Georgia.

Since that would be a southern city, you could begin the season in mid September and finish in January. That would eliminate the need for domed stadiums.

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You should create a topic like ''The imaginatorium of Doctor EZ_Football'' where you can talk about all of your fantasies or any subjects like this idea, the toilet jokes, international politics, CFL on New Year's day or the weight of Terry Bradshaw in a single place. That would be more efficient than creating a new topic every time.


If alternate football in any form is to exist I say it really needs to avoid cities that have even NFL potential
A city like St Louis will not remain loyal to the XFL for example if an NFL expansion team (or relocating an existing team) was even a possibility

I think the way that UFSL is fan that it goes from Middle of April to 1st week of July (Championship) that way if players wanted to attend NFL camp after they can as NFL wouldnt have started yet

Don't give him any ideas .

If the tv contract is good enough you don't need fans in the stands

I would be honored if the website admin created a tab for my editorials, etc. I would be a columnist for the CFL

I would be like those two guys on espn that argue back and forth -- Skip Bayless and the other guy

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The forum admin team would then have to create a new achievement badge.

"Taboo" - create a topic that other users purposely avoid reading or interacting with in any way.


I think I might have created a few of those over the years :slight_smile:

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New acheivment badge, most moronic talking points... Could add oak leaf clusters for attaining 5 more and oak leaf clusters with bars for 5 more. We all should get purple hearts for having to read them

The CFL already looked at a hub city model with no fans and it wasn't feasible.

Since the TV money is the same why would anyone think it would work now?

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AT least it would be less annoying than see a title like this one pop up and thus loosing faith on Humanity again.

The best case would still be that this madness stop but I doubt it.

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