Nik Lewis

Just a shot in the dark but sounds to me like Nik is going to sign with Calgary and retire as a Stamp if they let him. Could be they sign him to play.

Hats off to Nik for being the player he was. Old school guy oozing confidence with every step. Will be remembered for the high hurdle move I would think.

Would be interesting to know how many first downs he was part of over the years. Many is my guess.

Then again, maybe he just retires.

…I’d like to see him land here as a coach…failing that, sign a one day contract and parade him around in a convertible during a halftime and that’s a good way to end thick nik’s career…he’s still well loved here…

…I think he ends up on TSN to some capacity…

Problem being he lives in Regina and can’t convince the other half to move.

Always wished we could have seen Nik in the green and white

All he needed was an offer

any offer

Well it looks like Calgary Stampeders have signed Nik so he can retire at Saturday nights game while Montreal is in town so both teams can celebrate with him. I suggest TSN needs someone like Nik Leiws on the team as the guys now are getting a bit stale.

…yes! Much like!..