Nik Lewis

While most of us love Nik Lewis I can’t help but feel his record of catches somehow includes an asterisk.

He has probably has about 200 receptions that are basically a long hand-off. About 2 yards beyond the line of scrimmage and then he bulldozes ahead. All well and good I suppose.

But he creates no coverage difficulties for defenses. No tie up of d-backs whatsoever. No opening up of defenses to allow Montreal to create space for the offense to operate. There is little doubt as to why Calgary cut him loose.

While it’s admirable that, as announcers are prone to say, that he’s redefined his game since he gained weight it could be argued that he’s forced his offenses to redefine their attack. His game basically allows defensive backs to double up on other receivers. No slot back in the league, any league, is so limited. It’s not a winning strategy as witnessed by his recent years. There is no need to game plan him at all. Or even cover him actually.

He’s basically a specialty import getting full time reps. Basically a third down, short yardage goal line package guy imo. Montreal’s offense really suffers with their usage of him.

He averages 13.2 yards per catch for his career. This year, at age 35, is his first year under 10 yards per catch at 9.2. You don't make 1036 catches by being a "short yardage goal line package guy".

Possession receivers are an incredibly valuable piece on any team. The reason his teams haven't won much the past few years is because Montreal has been a poor team.

Exactly. Few have been better "go to" guys when you need 7 yards in the history of the game.

As for the 2 yard pass...well...if that is his thing then I guess The DBs covering him sucked. Why not just move up an cover it? Because he is well you couldn't

Yes...he's become a great 7 yard specialist receiver. No question. We agree on that for sure.

He's basically transformed himself into a fullback that never runs the ball but catches passes extremely well. And does pretty well when called on as a blocker.

Nik Lewis flattens Greg Peach

And trust me, I examined that play very closely to see whether it was legal, thinking it was illegal procedure given that he was within five yards of the tackle. But it was perfectly legal as he was still a yard off the line when the ball was snapped.

Lol, he is well rounded ;D

Thanks for that. I now have to clean up the tea that I just spit onto my desk.


Lewis is sort of an inspiration to many though that you don't need a perfect body to be a top player and in what most consider a skilled position. Look at models nowadays, more and more you see fuller rounded bodies. Ok, not a direct comparison but you get the point. :wink:

Have you guys ever met Nik Lewis? Or seen him without his pads?

He is not as "Thick" as you would think

Well as long as Montreal continues to use a fulltime slotback that does not threaten the defensive backfield allowing them to focus on the 2-3 downfield receivers Montreal's offense will look like it's slogging through a peanut butter field.

Nik has had a great career. But you are really handicapping an offense if a slotback's field of catch is 2 yards over the LOS as it is now in Montreal

Agreed, but that is Chapdelaine's fault. Not Lewis'

Yes for sure. Not meaning to blame Lewis at all.
I really hope Montreal hires an OC with play calling duties and a say in personnel formations and let Chapdelaine concentrate on learning to be a HC. His play calling has never been imaginative.
After 5 HCs in 5 years the last thing this franchise needs is more firings.