Nik Lewis

What do you guys think of Nik Lewis' chances of sticking with the Als in 2016 given the plethora of good import receivers?

I was critical of his signing last year but I was wrong. Along with Logan I thought he was a team MVP.

But I have some difficulty seeing him in a regular role this year because of numbers. But I'd sure like him to stay around.

He surprised me too last year. Guy put up over 700 yards when he was supposed to be the no. 4 guy behind Green, Stamps, and London. I'd like him to stay but it may not be possible, given how much coin S.J. and Carter are making between them.

Lewis has been a excellent team player and crowd favorite and always ready to go the extra mile everytime he gets the ball.The addition of Carter and Stafford will definetly reduce his role but I think that he still can be good for the team on many levels.

Whether he makes the team MAY depend on what his contract is; because I can easily see him as the 5th receiver, sort of a TE/SB.

A few years ago I met a young player who was a teammate of Lewis' in Calgary for a short time. He commented on how respected he was, what a great teammate as well. He also said how much Lewis knew about the game and the receiver position. Thought he could make a good coach some day.

As long as Lewis stays off twitter he seems to be trouble free :wink:

^ This really makes me wonder if we can snag Lewis as our receivers coach if/when Chapdelaine moves on in a couple of years.

Perhaps I guess. But he's pretty rooted in Calgary area as far as Canada goes it seems. He's from Texas, wears boots and cowboy hats. But if Calgary isn't first. looking at him as a coach then....

Yes, that’s all true. But Dickenson may have specific ideas about who should fill that role when the time comes, or the job might not be vacant. Anyhow, a thought for down the line. I hope to see Lewis in an Als uni this year. Behind Carter, Green, and Cunningham/Hoffman, he could really do some damage.

I liked Nik's play with the team last year but, he will have greater competition this year in the remaking of faster and younger receivers- Duron Carter,Cunningham, Stafford, Hoffman, Greene and Giguere as repeaters this season. Unless injuries are a factor, I believe Lewis won't be chosen over the younger and faster newcomers.

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After reading this story you can`t help but think what a great receivers coach Lewis would make when he retires.

Nik Lewis:

I thought it was the last one (playing in the CFL) for me, but the end of the year changed it. I was talking to Cope (Jermaine Copeland) about retirement at the end of the year, but he's like: No bro, you need to keep playing, keep playing. And talking to Anthony Calvillo and a couple of other guys: SJ and KG. We worked out another deal and keeps me playing. Keeps me happy. My goal now is just changed. Now I go out there, I'm trying to control Duron and SJ & make sure everyone's getting the ball. Everybody's happy.

When you lose a quarterback and then 2 plays later lose another quarterback, it's kind of a carousel. And I think the only quarterback, Tanner had the most games played probably with 12 or 13 games and everybody's rookies. So that was the hardest part. Like you said, rookies gonna miss reads. Rookies gonna do that, or I probably had a 100 catches.

Jermaine Copeland:

The only reason why I told Nik to comeback truthfully was I saw the way he played toward the end of the year, and I saw how they were getting the ball to him at the end of the year. Nik is that type of person that you can dump the ball off to. He'll go get 10. It's hard to tackle Nik period. It is the way it is.

And me myself I said he really thought about calling it quits but when it came down to it as a big brother, I was just like: Nik, you've played for a long time, but you're chasing history. Nik's got a chance for receptions to be all-time, right? So, I said: Man, if you can get 80 & 80 in 2 years, all of sudden, he's passed. He's there, and that's not something he can't reach. If it was something he couldn't reach, then I'll probably would have been more: Nik, it's probably time to call it quits, but he's got a chance to chase history. To me, I want to see my little brot do that. I want him to be the #1 all-time. That's the way it is.

Just to trouper part of me stepping in and saying: Hey, you need to go in and push it. If you can get 2 more in, get 2 more in, and make 'em successful. Make 'em the biggest years that you finished off strong, and when you walk away from this game, you'll know you left everything out there on the field. Even if he doesn't break it and he gets close, you know that you did everything that you could to get to where you need to be and all of a sudden you walk away happy, sucessful, and of course a future Hall of Famer. I mean, that's just the way the game goes.

Full Audio April 21, 2016 7pm. They also discuss their business venture of selling EHT and also Drug Testing in the CFL.

I had not known of Nik's ankle and body strength until reading of this year now of this now. I'm happy that he will be reporting for duty this year. From what he says we might reconsider a spot for him in our receiving group. His attitude is super as noted by Popp, Although he is a year older it would appear that he has built himself up and, the ankle problem seemingly has improved. Carter and Green remain as the top ranked contenders. Cunningham looked good in the few games he did get on the field, while Hoffman also impressed but, he was injured for a greater part of last season. Nik had an exceptionally good late season finishing very strong. Hoffman showed promise but, with limited playing days. The book has still to be read on Cunningham and Hoffman. If Nik shows up at camp demonstrating the strength and ankle recovery, then I believe Nik will give these two " rookies" a good run for the money. Power was Nik's forte, if he does have the power back, I think this might give him an edge over them. Nik is able to stretch a seven yard catch into a first down. He is a power force when given the ball.

Lewis ajoute un élément que personne d'autre ne peut apporter au sein de cette équipe. Il est le joueur parfait pour patrouiller les entre-zones, particulièrement la zone courte centrale et les zones intermédiaires. Il a de bonnes mains et est difficile à la fois à bloquer et à plaquer. Combien de fois l'a-t-on vu convertir des 2ième et 10 l'an dernier en portant le ballon sur 7, 8, 10, 12 verges? Personne n'aurait pu le faire comme lui. Je me souviens de voir Ted Laurent lever le pied en le voyant arriver alors qu'il était à la poursuite de Cato, ce qui a permis à ce dernier de réussir le jeu. C'est dire tout le respect qu'il inspire sur le terrain. Je crois que l'arsenal de receveurs est meilleur avec Lewis dans ses rangs.

D'autre part, il apporte un leadership positif dans le vestiaire. Il est respecté et impliqué. La question demeurera de savoir si l'équipe pourra le garder et le garder heureux.

Exactly, Lewis isn't in competition with Carter, Stafford or SJ for a spot. His role is the same as Cahoon with a bigger punch.

Major difference: Cahoon was Canadian. In order to dress 4 Int. WRs, an Int. RB will most probably have to sit.

I am not sold on Stafford and I also question Lewis presence/need. I have more confidence in B.J. Cunningham than in Stafford. He had an ordinary season in Edmonton,particularly after WR Derell Walker was added to the active roster. There will definitely be fierce competition amongst receivers.

Main training camp is a full 5 weeks from now and many factors,such as injuries, should/will occur,thus affecting the roster for the opening game of the 2016 season.


I share Richard's uncertainty about Stafford. To me, Cunningham should have the inside track for the job. Lewis, well, you can't argue with his production last year, and it's also by no means certain that everyone will survive training camp. Injuries can also strike. Other than Green or Carter, no receiver's job is safe or guaranteed IMO.

Nice problem to have. The team is LOADED with talented receivers. All we have to worry about now is if Popp and his staff can figure out how to pick the right 5 or 6 to keep - and get the most mileage out of them.

If he makes the roster, Lewis will likely retire at the end of the season. And if he performs, we should expect that Duron Carter will take another shot at the NFL. For a win now team like the Als, these factors might not matter ... but who knows?

This team does not have a ratio issue at least at the moment, so I'm not sure where you come up with the idea that the Als need to play a Canadian at RB.

Set in stone
4 OL
1 DL
1 Safety
1 5RC/FB
Ratio options

And then they have to decide what they do at LT, boundary corner and receiver to come up with the seventh and eight nationals (Als like to play eight if possible)

Those could be Ruby, Giguere,Ackie, Lue or even possibly Foucault or one of kids in the draft.

Judging by the roster and the quantity of American tackles coming to camp. Als are looking at playing an American at left tackle or at the very least seriously thinking about it. I suspect they have plans for one of Lue or Ackie to start at HB in place of Jerald Brown.

As for Stafford. I think he had a great season last year, especially in the red zone. He had catches for over 25 yards in 9 games and led Edmonton for TD receptions,was tied for second with TD receptions league wide with 9. His progression over 3 years is fantastic and similar to Jamel Richardson.

While I think Cunnigham and Huffman have a bright future in the CFL. Stafford two and three years ahead of them.

Who came up with the idea that the Als have to play a Canadian at RB? Definitely not me. If the Als dress 4 Int. WR's- it did happen in 9 of the 18 games,last season- most probably only 1 Int. RB,excluding Logan, will play. Last season, when 9 Int. WR's played,only 1 Int. RB played.


As I have noted, I believe the best producing OT during TC and preseason games should win the LT award, no matter what nationality he is.