nik lewis

Go to the TSN website and look under Hash Marks and it says that Calgary is going to release receiver Nik Lewis. What do you think of adding him to our team?

if he is released, SIGN HIM.

Receiver Nik Lewis, while listed on the 46-man active roster, is expected to be among the four that will be dropped before game time.
Thats what I read about it


Yes! Sign that man now!

But... who do the Cats drop to make room for him?

joking, right?

Not joking.. how can a question be joking?

Drop Anthony Arceneaux??

i agree Gbonds88

acreneaux hasnt done anythign so far and i have barelly even seen him on the field so release him

nik lewis is a fantastic reciever and is very young too

legendkiller do u have a link to where u saw this?

because i was just on and was looking at all the cfl stuff and didnt see anything about nik lewis or the stamps

thats the link just read the calgary section.

On TSN's main page there is something called Hash Marks. Click on it and it gives you daily updates on each team.

He'll probably be on the 4-man "undressed" roster - not outright released...

The "Hash Marks" report on notes the following:

"Receiver Nik Lewis, while listed on the 46-man active roster, is expected to be among the four that will be dropped before game time."

This means that Nik Lewis is still on the Stampeders' 46 player active roster but will not be on their 42 player game roster tonight. As of today, if the Ticats or any other CFL team wanted to obtain Nik Lewis, it would have be through a trade.

ohhhhhhh ok


and wow he would be great to pik up

So he's on the four man non playing active roster, why? Is he a little banged up but not enough to go on IR? Or is he in Higgins's dog house? Or something else?

I'm watching the Blue Team and Calgary game and they said in the pre-game Nik Lewis was benched this week.

He plays a dead position.

This year WR/SB & QB's aren't in any demand.

I'll throw a few examples at you...

Terry Vaughn. CFL all time reception leader, something like 12 consecutive 1000 yard seasons doesnt even get a contract. I believe I just saw him retire during the pre-game in Calgary.

Jermaine Copeland Leads CFL in recieving 2 years ago, at seasons start he's 5th on the depth chart in Calgary.

Kendrick Jones Breakthrough season last year in BC, got caught up in the numbers game in Camp & was released.

Tyhron Anderson Completely caught up in the numbers game with Saskatchewan because of recievers like Armstead,Fantuz,Flick & so on.

Its a dead position this year. If he was a DB then no problem, he'd be picked up in a second, just like Sam Young was earlier this week. I just dont see it happening, plus he has trade value, It wont be Hamilton.

Thats all.

I'm thinking that you can claim a player off the non-active roster as long as you put him on your active roster.

Please advise.......

You can claim off of the practice roster, not the 4 man inactive roster before the game.

healthy scratch is what it's called.
He screwed around last week and now Higgins thinks he should take a time out and think about catching footballs for a living.