Nik Lewis to play Sunday?

According to reports Nik Lewis has been medically cleared to play and was in uniform at the Calgary practice today. Nik claims he is ready to play and it is up to Huff. Huff didn’t say much, which is what you expect from him.

If there is one player who can bring out the worst in DA, it is Lewis. :cowboy:

I personally don't see him playing I think it's too soon.

I don't think he will play either but apparently his doctor doesn't consult with either of us.

nope. I just see Hugnafel holding him back.

nope. I just see YOU praying to the football gods that Hufnagel holds him back. I would love to see Lewis play in this game,he is hands down one of my favourite players in the league. I see Hufnagel unleashing him on the Riders on Sunday,especially with McDaniel out of action.

Nik Lewis coming off an injury doesn't scare me as much as some of the up and coming talent on that team filling that spot. Can't see him being up to speed physically.

Don't see it. Besides, an outta shape rusty Nik would only likely re-injure that tibia but more likely the ligaments he tore. With little to no meaningful practices under his belt first I just can't see it. Unless this is some kind of ruse by Huff and Nik is actually 110 % then unleash the beast!! :twisted: :twisted:

Holding him back????? for what????? Sounds like your throwing in the towel and waving the white flag before the game even starts,with that statement :lol:

I personally would have no problem with Nik playing in the playoffs. He is not really known as a big time playoff performer (that may be a selective memory and am willing to be proven wrong on this) as his playoff stats are below his season stats:
GP Rec Yds Avg TDs
13 54 630 11.7 0
So an average of 4.1 catches a game for 48.5 yds and 0 tds

Regular Season:
GP Rec Yds Avg TDs
164 768 10,873 14.2 65

For an avg of 4.7 catches per game for 66.3 yds and 0.4 tds a game

Granted the catches aren't that much different, but honestly Nik scares me less than some one like Fuller right now.

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

'I will be back': Nik Lewis vows to return strong despite broken fibula
By Vicki Hall, Calgary Herald August 25, 2013

Lewis underwent surgery at the Peter Lougheed Health Centre last Thursday to repair torn ankle ligaments and a broken left fibula. Dr. Iain Russell inserted a metal plate — actually two metal plates — and screws to cobble everything back together. “He just said I had a bigger leg, so he put two plates together and put it in there,? Lewis explained with a smile. “So I’ll be extra durable.?
He's all healed up and ready to go 'head to head' football? Some ones dreaming. I think they're just trying to scare the Rider DB's.

A healthy Nik Lewis is a tremendous asset for the Stamps without a doubt, if that's the case. :?

Even if he is not 100%, Nik Lewis is a distraction. I still can't see him dressing but..........

If Nik Lewis gets his way, he will be in.

Personally I'd keep him for the bigger game, and only
if absolutely needed.

Right now i think Calgary brings more then Sask can handle as
is.................but I'm incredibly bias. :rockin:

Can’t see Nik playing but it would make a good story line.

I'd like to see him play, but only if he is healthy.

Unless Hamilton wins the East Final. Then the last thing I want is for Nik to take the field.