Nik Lewis spouts off aganin...

Ed Hervey is just a better reciver then that little punk

he had a bad year yesterdya because of a knee injury now hes all looked like he was to didnt it

Is that you Knaga :lol: Hervey got what the Stamps gave him and nothing more. :lol:

Better have big hands rw2005. Lets
be real, Hervey's an awesome receiver.

Is he going to elevate his game from
yrs gone by??? Not likely.

By the way Hervey and Lewis mended fences. Do you think maybe the talks
not just a tad for entertainment value??

Exactly guys like Lewis sells tickets no doubt about it. As far as Hervey you bet he is a good reciever and Niky said that! He just compared what he has done lately versus is years of greatness. This does not mean the Hervey can not be great any more. But really the defense in the game played Hervey soft! They were not looking to get burned deep with Tucker. Look who got the touch downs and that will tell you a lot. Remember Calgary had two rookies in the back field. Also Khaild Abdulah played very well in place of George White. He did not disappoint his big brother!

Who's 'Moose'?

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

another beating poor seem to miss we whipped you in the semis last year..

uhhh... was'nt that last year? Its a whole new year and anything can happen. I bet your gunna use that excuse again after the stamps beat the esks again this week. You seem to every time you get out trash-talked. And as for Nik Lewis he is actually a very nice guy. He just uses his trash talk to pump himself up.

Yeah, well the Riders totally whipped you in the west division finals in '89 so there. How do you like them apples. And don't even get me started on 1966. Boo Yeah!!

This year is the only year that matters this year rawass.

Go Riders!!

You are like a broken record over and over. You should remember Calgary gift wrapped that game to your sub par team. And was it not the Eskimos that used rented players for the semi final game. You must be very proud of that accomplishment! ha ha ha Because you keep repeating it like you have nothing else to say!

you msut know we gift wrapped you lasat game…

the only thign is winners gift wrapped teams 1st games of the season

but losers liek calgary, gift wrapped semi final games

Oy, is this guy's typing atrocious. Where'd he learn to transcribe such muddled thoughts? "The KK School of Online Posting?"

Ha ha ha I think he is frustrated!

Nik trash talks like many other players in the league. The problem is the media loves it and run to him for dirt! But if this makes him play better great! If a team needs locker room material to fire them up to win they are in trouble!

And everyone msut knowwe gift warpped the lsat game fro BC. I guess thta makes teh Rdiers winners because the thign is winners gift wrapped the 1st game nto the semis.

From now on you should try typing in a word processor, use the spell check and then paste in to this forum. Your bitterness is lost somewhat in your terrible spelling.

Go Riders!!

Thank you good doctor! Yes Rickyonbacklookingatstarsduringthegame even the doc can see you must get over the semi final last year the guilt is eating you up. Time for the present. Like this weekend if your team flukes out a win you can then bring up the present!

no a fluke win is what you got last weekend

:lol: :lol: You mean the semi final your right! You know the game you keep refering too! This weekend you will see it more rickyonhisbacklookingatstars

Edmonchuckers don't get fluke wins.. they cheat.. maybe the cheating is what's making all your new "star" players on the Oilers want to leave town..