Nik Lewis spouts off aganin...

I'm going to try and watch both today at the same time, with two tvs set up.

My money says one and maybe both will be turned off by 8pm. lol

Good luck Shmoes, and moose remember its
only a game! We dont want you making another trip to the hospital. lost to us in the semi' have no footing for trash talk...espicially after tonight

.....nah, your team is toast, fine grained, browned and lightly buttered toast....served on a white china plate with a small tea rose in a crystal vase, by a guy with a hand towel draped over his forearm.....

should you be gone takeing the mrs red to dinner

WHIIIPPPEEEEDD :wink:, yup, i'm getting the heave ho, I even tried the 'lets stay home and eat here, there's wine and beer in the fridge' just so I could spar with you but to no avail, a deals a deal right dude?! who followed through with the hat!!......I'm gone boys, whipped and all, ari-ver-der-chi........

(ps, good luck oil, hope there is a game seven, not for any of your sake but for those guys actually playing the game)

tah tah, buh bye, Auf Weidersein.....

Better luck next week moose!!!

Looks like Nik had the last laugh hey Eski-boys? Get used to it, you'll be on the worse end of a few meetings with us this year.

just like cowtown to spout after ONE GAME taking after little nicky already?? like you guys can keep quiet i seem to remember Nicky thinking they had a freaking chance in the playoffs last year against might want to make sure little Nicky plans to actually win a game when it counts this year and stop spouting till that actually happens Crytown. Go ahead you guys are great at blabbing up and down after meaningless games until it actually matters then you get smoked in the playoffs not to be heard of again until they win another meaningless's those Lames doin?

.....5:04 in the morning!?.......did you stay up all night thinking that one up?...... :twisted:'s hoping this season won't see my club gift wrap any more post season games to yours....we'll take the W, ugly or not....

What is your excuse?, that's pretty good....

Suck it up Shirley. As moose would
say, "The better team won".

It wasnt pretty but Burris showed his athletism when it counted, and Nik gave
him a target to throw at. Game, set,

Frickin impressive 39 yard pass
off your back foot, i highly doubt your
man Ray's got that kinda arm strength.

Dont get me wrong, Rays good, just wasnt the best man yesterday.

Better luck next week.


no id take Ray over buck toothed interception throwing loser i said look at the rings eskylo..

see its calagry fans that get excited after GAME 1 lol....we get excited when we wipe the floor with you in the playoffs (kinda like last year remember)

I would say Niky helped out Hervey! He should be paid by the Eskie blows to help players that are long in the tooth he seems to help them. As far as Niky talking I guess he got the last laugh last night. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hervey got a last laugh in too(sort of), with 9 receptions fro 116 yards, even though his club lost the game.

Thats exactly what I said! It seems little Niky is helping guys bring up their game somewhat they should put him on their xmas card list!

For crying out loud rw2005 stay away
from the kool-aid. Nik Lewis didnt
elevate anyones game.

These guys are pro's man!

Eskylo shame on you by now you should now when I am massaging the Eskie fans ego!