Nik Lewis - Speechless

I was speechless reading this one

Now if the league could only get Nik Lewis to be speechless instead of brainless.

I told my wife this today at lunch...she wants him suspended for the rest of this season. BTW, and not to make light if the situation) but her name is Nicole and she is a blonde

Lewis is a scumbag. I have never been a fan. He really likes to hit guys low and has a super huge mouth. I find his "apology" pathetic and not really an apology at all. Clearly his donation was a face-saving act after his team denounced his actions publicly. Before that he didn't even pretend to be sorry. Classless jackass. That was offensive on SOOOOOO many levels. With the whole QB controversy and then the Tate concussion issue the last thing they needed was more distraction. Great job NicASSO.

Lewis said nothing that people haven’t been saying since 1994 when the OJ thing happened. Much ado about nothing, in my opinion.

I agree with your first sentence, Blogskee. The "ado," I believe comes from his being in the public eye and making the comment in such a public way. Lewis is apparently stepping up, in a generous way ($3600.), to atone and the Stampeders club has pledged to match his donation:

[url=] ... ation.html[/url]

I should have been less flippant with my second sentence. What I meant was that people were making a bigger deal out of this than they should. It was a lame attempt at humour that fell flat. It just didn't seem like a big deal to me.

Nik Lewis needs to find a white girl?
Doubt that.

Little Niki was non-existent yesterday and a far cry from hism usual it's all about me attitude. Another key board hero who finds it hard to understand most people could care less what he thinks (it that is p[ossible) until you take your thoughts over the top. Nik has just joined the esteemed Pantload Club, the founding father is the infamous double pantload " Adriano Belli "