Nik Lewis ( Geronimo Jones)

Many other fans from other teams seem to hate our little nicky. Too bad I like the fact he has the confidence in himself to do what he does. He is an impact player and he can use his mouth all he wants. The fact so many people hate him really tells Stamps fans that he is good. He is a young guy and will learn there are times and places to do his trash talk. But Nik does not have to prove his abilities. Rookie of the year last year and in his second year he did his thing again. Great Year Geronimo give some of that again next year.

yah 28 yeards int he biggest game of the season, and giving us the bird when losing, yah class act and hes a choke artist

Agreed he is a heck of a football player. But his ego is a little huge. He is a T.O. type player, and I can't stand players like that.
He's young, he'll learn. hopefully at least

Nobody disputes his talent and nobody hates him for that.

The way he runs his mouth really doesn't make him a likeable guy. I also bet it's hard for his teammates to back up his comments as well. None of Calgary's outstanding linebackers or other talented players like Reynolds mouth off and show a lack of class like Lewis.

And that's usually the reason why guys like him end up being a cancer for the team no matter how well he can play.

.....he is a valuable player and any of you would like him on your team.....that being said, the comments he made this last week and his on feild antics do need to be turned down a notch or two.....Higgins won't let it get to the point where it affects the rest of the team next year....maturity will come.......

Regardless his trash mouth is making him stand out bad and good. Most fans would have to admit he is a great player or they would not be posting about him!

At the beginning of last year, i saw this guy play and i'm like, yup in one or two years this guy is gonna be big, i took a liking to him, the only thing i don't like about him is he bad-mouthed our secondary. But yea he's awesome!

I think Lewis has gotten a little out of hand this year. But in his defence, he wasn't like this last year. I think Copeland has been a negative influence on him as far as excessive celebrations go.

.....but you gotta love 'the bike'.......c'mon, admit it man, it was great......

Nik his talent.......hate his mouth.......TO junior in the making.

I do not know any other player that has so many people talking about him other then Lewis. He should be in marketing. Yes he is loud and proud but I would not want a guy not to be. This team picks up on his enthusiasim.

The only thing trash talking in Public does is give the other team an emotional Edge... Hello Nate Davis...Enthusiasm is one the other team an edge is another.. Nate Davis was a dork as was Lewis.. I was very vocal about his remarks because I feared it would spark Edm..well looky looky what was NOT the soul reason for Calgary losing..but you can be well assured it gave them (edm) an edge

True but he also fires up his team mates!

I would rather have an emotional player like Nik Lewis who does a dance and brings life into the crowd, than have our receivers in Saskatchewan who get shocked when they make it to the endzone. Its nice to see that players get involved in the game, and are not just there for the paycheck. Not saying that Lewis won't be asking for big money, but at least now he is concentrated on winning games. Lewis reminds me of Chad Johnson because he gets himself pumped up and makes himself believe that no one can stop him. Hopefully next year we will hear about the checklist of db's from Lewis.

Ya I have to agree the Riders receivers are lethargic Nik entertains and pisses the oppostion off.

lol. red how many yards did he get in the biggest game...............THOUGH SO how man tds in the biggest game.............THOUGHT SO........hes a total choke artist.

More like lame then great...

Hey did you know he is going to be a free agent next year!

Ya I thought so you as a fan would want him on your team.

Well met, RW. Impeccable timing.