Nik Lewis cut?

According to TSN:

The Latest from the Calgary Stampeders
Head coach Tom Higgins has made three significant changes for tonight's game against the Argos. He released defensive back's Jermaine Chatman and Brandon Haw, replacing them with Dwaine Carpenter and Brandon Stewart. Receiver Nik Lewis, while listed on the 46-man active roster, is expected to be among the four that will be dropped before game time. Linebacker Mike Labinjo, a Toronto native who spent the last three years in the NFL, will also make his debut with the Stamps, but mainly as a special team's player as he's been with the team less than a week. - Toronto Star

No the info you have is incorrect. He is in the receiver rotation his turn to sit out this game. You sound like he would be a good fit for the Lions.

OK thanks for clarifying. I figured being 'dropped' meant being cut. Don't think the Lions are looking for any new receivers, but thanks :wink:

Nik Lewis turn to sit this game. Copeland will be in his place.

I like Ken Yon Rambo. Good player.

It seemed like Lewis was dropping the ball as much as Fantuz is. Maybe the riders should do the same thing a sit Fantuz for a game.

Don’t let pork sausage know that Lewis was taken off the active roster. In his pea sized brain, the only conclusion from that is that Lewis will be cut!! Like warner, right piggy?

Ouch Larry! :lol: :lol: It seems some people are misunderstanding the receiver situation in Calgary. Because of the over abundance of receivers one needs to sit out as a DI each game. They have a rotation in place. Right now it is Niks turn.

It is his turn to sit out a game?
When you make your best receiver a healthy scratch, it is to send a message--to him, and the team.
So much for the theory that in the "One Team" system, nobody ever gets singled out....

Of course as he remains on the 46 man roster and your starting roster only need be announced 1 hour before the game, we will see....

You know I would only expect you Arius to read into this that is not there. May I remind you that Copeland has sat out of the game as well. They do have to do this because they have to many import receivers. Nik Lewis is sitting out because it is his turn believe it or not I couldn't care less. You as a rider fan can read into it all you want but it will be far from the truth. But then again I forgot you absolutley no everything.

Maybe you need to reread the article, 05.
It is being reported that Nik Lewis will not even be on the roster tonight. Copeland has dressed for everygame.

Try this on for size:

"All those things kind of compound," said McMann. "It snowballs. It's not just one guy, it's an overriding (trend). It's almost like everybody is expecting someone else to step up." [b]The club has taken drastic measures this week to ensure its fortunes change.[/b]

For starters, Nik Lewis -- a 1,000-yard receiver in each of his three CFL seasons -- is a healthy scratch.

"He hasn't made plays," said McMann. "Maybe Nik is mentally struggling a little bit. I don't know why. Sometimes you get into a funk. He's a pro, he'll work through that." Lewis worked exclusively with the scout team at practice this week and is hoping this is a one-week situation.

So Lewis hopes this is a "one week thing".
I guess someone forgot to tell him it's just his turn....

....starting with the insults again eh larry....we know when your judgement is affected adversly....the name calling starts.....Nik Lewis would be hard pressed to make the Bombers receiving corps right now...but then what would you know about our depth...about as much as you know about trades i would venture......not much..... :lol: :lol:

No starter is ever happy to be a healthy scratch, unless they have lost their will to compete. I have a hard time believing that guys like Copeland, Lewis and even Rambo are happy buying into this "one" plan of Flanders. My guess, the losing continues.

No worries pops, if we keep it up, maybe larry will come up with some fresh material to keep us entertained :lol:

whats the point of having that many star receivers, if u cant play them all in one game???...if anything, it hurts the stamps cuz they can't form any chemistry like this....

they should look to trade one of them.

Obviously you dont put a lot of thought into what you are reading do you? There is no way the Stamps would just cut Lewis. Even if they no longer wanted him or any other of the import receivers, dont you think that they would trade one, and get something back for him other than just cutting him? Maybe Wally would do something like that, but I doubt the Stamps would make such a silly move.

Rambo is a good player as well. They need to prove it though.

Well Arius just like Fantuz is a good player right. The problem is they do have a rotation like it or not. Maybe his poor play of late had something to do with him sitting but the reality is someone needed to sit. Copeland did his turn and Nik will not dress for this game. You seem to want to embelish something that is not there. And we all know this is a regular occurance for you. Worry about why your riders lost the last two games.

Pappa this post only makes Larry look like the genius he is. Nik Lewis is too good of player to play for your bombers. Sorry but true.

It seems you guys have inside information maybe you could give me your source. Is your great source of info coming from coach Arius. Because if it is you are then fools. The fact you all miss is that we can not line up all our improt receivers one has to be a DI or has to sit out because the DI maybe for another position. My source tells me it will be a db tonight because of the changes. That sort of makes sense I would believe but to the numerous trolls who care so much about my stampeders thinks otherwise. That is fine keep up trying to convince yourself.