Nightmare Dream = BC vs. Edmonton Grey Cup

Honest. 3 a.m. asleep and in my dream I was at centre field singing the national anthem all pumped and ready to go. Then
I looked at the sidelines and saw players dressed in yellow and green and orange and black. What gives I think????
Then walking towards centre come Ritchie Hall and Wally Buono. My head is spinning. This cannot be! Jogging behind them are Jason Maas and Casey Printers. This is turning out to be my worst nightmare. I have to toss the coin for the captains. As I toss the coin I throw up and wake up. Man it was a rough night!!!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

No more than 2 pickled eggs after midnight, remember?

So even you, trukey is gaining some common sense :smiley:

I knew he did ACID

You almost have it right Turkey.....

Its BC Vs Calgary


I was hoping that BC could defeat your Riders in the GC . Now that would be cool . Not quite as cool as '94 but still pretty close.

A BC/Calgary Grey Cup would be epic! :rockin:

that would be a stupid game.

I hope to never see a west vs west Grey Cup.

I want Saskatchewan vs Montreal.!

I'd rather see an all West Grey Cup than see Montreal choke again. Its getting a bit old.

You saw a West vs. West Grey Cup in 2007. :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand, I'd rather see the Als lose by a single point than watch them blow out the 'riders :wink:

Good to see your have sobered up. You must have started drinking early to have been sober by 3am, or did you pee the bed?

Saskatchewan vs Hamilton Grey Cup. 20 year reunion of the 89 Grey cup same result.

Na, time for new history: BC vs Calgary!

How about a bit of the new and old? New; Sask. vs. Montreal. Old; Montreal chokes as usual.

He would be really upset if it were BC Vs Saskatchewan for the Grey Cup!


No more using the turkey baster to shoot moonshine up your nose for you…