Nielsen TV rating system - shot down by tv networks?

Fascinating new information that should be discussed. How many CFL fans watched the game on sunday? were told, but is it accurate?

Well tv networks as well as advertising companies who use special measurements to determine accurate tv ratings believe that NIELSEN tv ratings are INCORRECT.

The above was discussed while back which involved more of the USA networks.

Well just heard on radio that tv ratings in Canada are likely to be totally off by as much as 85% in many cases.

Did not know this but in Canada they do not even take 2 major populated areas into consideration. Wouldn't that be important? So they are saying 1.1 million watched a game last night but that doesn't include 2 cities?

CFL needs get to the bottom of this cause its likely TSN (BELL) is full aware of this and maybe are playing games with the CFL. They are benefiting from sponsors but not paying the fee they deserve.

I have said this for years. The ratings are a statistical measurement. We do not have a direct viewership measurement yet. There is a small sample size with real measurements and then they try to project total viewers from that. That's how statistic's work. They also make assumptions but we don't know if they are applied equally across all sports. Most likely not.

A few years ago Rogers called out numeris on the hockey broadcasts numbers. Guess what, Hockey ratings improved almost immediately,

I've been wondering where the bbm/numeris ratings have been... went to look up the weekly Top 30 and can't find the link anywhere. Aside from CFL ratings, I believe it has been politized, as to how many Canadian TV shows make the top 30... A reflection of us...