Nicolas Bisaillon

Nicolas Bisaillon came into camp as a wide reciver,but on the roaster and the depth chart he is listed as a running back why do u think the coaches did that.

Eh, for this game I think it was just to replace the hole left by Lumsden on the depth chart. Maybe they're trying to get him some running reps because they're thinking he can be used in a split or trip back formation?

I noticed that this morning as well.

Edit: maybe they're going to use him as depth guy for SB so they want him to be able to run the reverse.

I think Bisaillon was a running back at Laval. He'll probably take Kojo's spot on the "teams" and a backup running back and slot receiver.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

and it also help the import and non import ratio that also why they could be doing it


Basiallon was a running back at Laval....and a pretty good one too. This kid can play and has a good chance to make this team as a special teams player and backup RB.

He got a lot of reps at the practice I was at two days ago.

He looked really good! Finds the holes and hits them hard.

Also alot of passes coming out of the back field. Caught almost everything even with guys draped on his back. Nice hands

Sounds good to me Kirk, glad we have a guy like that who can help shoulder the load should one of RBs go down.