Nicknames of cheerleading teams

I know that the nicknames of the Winnipeg's cheer squad and Toronto's cheer squad nick names are the Blue Lighting and Blue Thunder, but what is the names of the other teams squads?

and you know what would be cool if it isn't done already, a competition between all the squads during Grey Cup week, where the winner gets a trophy or something, that would be cool and something! 8)

I know what Saskatchewans is.It is the roughriders!!!
Now that is funny!!!!

The Riders cheerleaders are call the Trailblazers.

And the competition is a good idea. I can't stand cheerleading competitions but I'm sure this would add to the festivities of Grey Cup week for cheerleading fans. It's on TSN and ESPN every now and then so there has to be some fans out there.

or is it the Rough Riders? LMAO!

That is funny, I don't care who you are!

but seriously, what are the names?

Les Poutines de Montreal! And after each game 5 cheerleaders and 5 fans are thrown together in a giant bowl of cheese curds and gravy's all you can eat and.............
Oh wait a minute, this might just of been a dream I had the other night! hmmmm

BC's are the Howling Coyotes.......Oh sorry, that was last years squad. This years much improved squad is the Felions.

Seriously, in Montreal we have the lamest name: The Sport Expert Cheerleaders. Sport Expert is a store in Quebec and they sponsor the cheerleading squad. Ugly name, eh?

In Montreal, everything is sponsored. While I watched the Cgy/Edm game on CBC, I came to imagine what it would sound like to have our PA announcer micked-up for a silent-broadcast. You guys wouldn't believe it.

He never shuts up, except during the plays. As soon as the play is over and he called it, he goes on with an ad:

  • "Hmmmm, un bon cappucino glacé Tim Horton's... c'est comme boire un verre d'air climatisé"

  • "Si vous voulez acheter des articles de sport, allez chez Jacques Moreau sport... parce que c'est mon magasin et que je vais faire de l'argent avec ça."

  • "C'est l'heure des pom-pom boys, un quatuor de boulangers gays qui vont lancer des petites brioches dans les estrades avec des élastiques à moitié pétés."

Etc. etc. etc.

Labatt Blue Lightning Dance Team Baby! :slight_smile:

.......3/10, please explain 'pom-pom boys'........

....the Stampeder Cheerleaders are called the Outriders.....

.......and I didn't lose a bet or anything with supertoe and god-forbid Mrs. RedandWhite reads this, but the women in the Edmonton cheer squad are extremely beautiful.....and bendy.........

Don't you mean "les poitrine de Montreal"? :wink:

Posted: Sep 06, 2005 - 02:23 PM

Don't you mean "les poitrine de Montreal"?

I had to check in my French-English dictionary" poitrine". Wow you're really up on your French body parts Moses! Not bad for a Westerner in Toronto!

All I know is that after watching the Bomber cheer leaders this last game in Sask, I want to ask Danny Baret to make a trade.
Bombers send us their cheerleaders, we will send you Nealon Greene, and our cheer leaders.

come on you gotta take it.

Nealon Greene.... and your Sask cheerleaders for the beautiful Winnipeg cheerleaders? You must be smoking what Nealon is. :wink:

RedandWhite, "les pom-pom boys" is outright the worst sponsorship exploitation in football history. Yeah, we have that in Montreal. It's related to the POM bakery... hence the pom-pom bo... you got it...

It started about four years ago. At some point in the game, the PA announcer would say: "Ladies, it is now your turn to enjoy some cheerleading... here comes THE POM-POM BOYS!"

Then, about twelve guys dressed like bakers would get on the field and dance on some cheesy dance music. And they would actually strip down to their shorts....


You couldn't imagine the booing. Insults were flying everywhere. People would throw garbage at these guys once they came back to the sidelines.

It was purely pathetic.

Then, the next year, they did it again, but added some women in the lot to diminish the booing. It did not help. When you go to a football game, you still don't want to see bakers undress, no matter what's in the surroundings.

Last year, I don't remember what they did, but they were still there. And this year, when the announcer calls up the pom-pom boys, the bakers just get to the sideline with cheap slingshots and they desperately try to shoot some sandwiches in the stands. No dancing. No stripping. And they end-up throwing the sandwiches by hand because the slingshots break most of the time.

I tell you... I've never seen such a fiasco last so many years...

Bendy. Do what taste right.

LMAO Third and Ten, that is the funniest thing I have read on this site. EVER!!!

How abou "Stampedets" Stamp-pe-debts

Some more ideas

BC: Feleos
Edmonton: Energy
Ottawa: whatever female beavers are
Montreal: Concordes (why not? better than "pom pom boys"! :lol:)
Hamilton: have no idea, maybe "golden" something (What are they now?)

........KK, your ideas on the BC and Ottawa names just need more marketing......keep on working with BC 'fele' ah ah ACHO (excuse me).....and continue on the Ottawa beaver thing, you're on the right track..........

........3/10.....bendy, and then some.......seriously without bones.......and they have these wannabe-linebacker-pretty-boys who can fling these bendable women like 30 feet in the air, no sh!t, it's actually quite a sight.......I thought Santa (this guy in my row who swear to god is Santa Claus) was going to HA on us.......bendable women flying through the air in front of his very eyes......

I know the Hamilton cheerleaders used to be called “The Prowl”, but I don’t know if they still use that name today.

As for the Argos’ “Blue Thunder”, they adopted the name in the 2004 season; which is better than a couple of their former names: “Argo Bud(-weiser) Dance Team” and “Argo Sunshine Girls” (since the Toronto Sun used to sponsor them)