Nickname for Chris Williams

How the heck has no one come up with the most obvious nickname?


Is "The Pocket Rocket" taken?

Well, it was The Rocket's kid brother's nickname. Different sport, but specific enough that it might not be reusable.

Also, that term may have a different connotation to some people these days....

Surprised no one has brought up Bumblebee yet. Calvin Johnson is Megatron, Jamel RIchardson is apparently Optimus Prime, so Williams can be Bumblebee? The colour scheme works too (Bumblebee is black and yellow in the comics, cartoon and movie).

Chris "HURRICANE " Williams.

:rockin: :rockin:

Henry Williams was nicknamed "Gizmo" after a cute, short, fuzzy character from a popular movie of his era: "Gremlins".

So, with the success of the movie "Ted" this summer, the logical choice is to start referring to Chris as "Ted Williams". :wink:

Here's a few for fun, The Blur, TD or Touchdown, Points, Lancaster (as in the plane and Ron - yeah maybe a bit much), Oskeeweewee or Oskeebyebye, Endzone, Feline, Highlight or The Ferrari, lol

Lone Brightspot

The Truth Williams."they can't handle da truth"

Or how about "Lonestar" :lol:

Chris NFL BOUND Williams

I like "Wheels"

Burris' nickname for Williams is 'Ticat-for-a-Day'.....

[b]Burris had a new submission in the effort to find Chris Williams a nickname, this one based on his diminutive stature. “I call him 'Ticat-for-a-day,' because when I first met him, I thought 'who is this guy, did win a prize to be in training camp for a day?'? Burris said.... Williams, predictably, did not approve. “I don't like Hank's. Nicknames are one of those things that once it's given to you, and it's the right one, you'll know it,? he said.[/b]

I like "Wheels" or "Turbo"

Roadrunner..............meep meep.............................

What about "Chrissy" ?
Remember when the majority of NHL hockey players were called "Bobby" even though their names were Robert or Bob or even Fred. :smiley:

I suggest you try that on Chris Neil first. To his face. :smiley:

So far, I'm liking (Crazy) Wheels, Rocket, and Roadrunner of the ones suggested here.

Or Chrizmo

The Texas Express. After all they call, what's his name for the Argonuts, the flyin' hawaiian.

He's not a big guy only 155 lbs so an express wouldn't fit. He's more of a Gazelle or a RoadRunner.