Nickname for Chris Williams

Watched the TicatsTV video and thought it might be fun to see what people came up with as a nickname for C.W.

I’ll start.

“The Accelerator” for obvious reasons


“Breeze” cuz that’s all the other guys feel when he “breezes” past them lol.

How about 'Sonic'

[url=] ... rtwork.jpg[/url]

I already call him SPEEDY GONZALES, :rockin: at practices, after all he lives in New Mexico! :rockin:

Burner Returner.

Should be pretty self explanatory.


Last year, given the number of times he was hit by a defender, bounced off and kept going, I would have said Weebles. ("Weebles wobble, but they won't fall down.") But he hasn't done that yet this year, probably because defenders eventually learned that they need to wrap him up - when they can catch him.

As the state bird of New Mexico is the roadrunner, I think that would be pretty appropriate.

Chris is from Rio Rancho (suburb of Albuquerque) NM so his nickname here in NM is the "Rio Rancho Rocket" so why not
just use "Rocket"?

I listened to the post game interview when a lady asked him is he zagged when he should have zigged on the punt return when he fell and covered the ball, No offense to anybody but it makes me feel a little better knowing the USA dosent have a monopoly on stupid questions by sports reporters.

Rocket Ismail may have a problem with that :lol:

Did Rocket Richard have an issue with Ismail using his nickname? :wink:

(I know, different sport. But still....)

Or Yvon The Roadrunner Cournoyer...

Chris 'Touchdown' Williams
'The Flash' Chris Williams or Flash Williams

My point was that nicknames sometimes get re-used. I'm a long-time Habs fan, and remember both The Rocket and The Roadrunner, and I see no problem with either of these being used for Williams.

Years back they called the dude that kept exposing himself in Gage Park "The Flash". :lol: :oops:

So I assume “The Streak” is out too? :smiley:

Tiny Turbo
Tiny Torch
Junior Jet
Supersonic Speedster
The Spark
Spark Plug
Greased Lightning
Bantam Bolt
Baby Bolt
Bantam Blur
Bantam Burn
Winged Williams
Chris Cross
Speedy Gonzalez
Pee Wee Flee
Pee Wee Express
Maximum Velocity
Rapid Roadster
Little Launch
Mach in Motion
Mini Mouse

Warp Factor Williams

I thought of a few :

"Crazy Wheels" - CW = Chris Williams

others are :

Chris "Shotgun" Williams

Chris "Lightening" Williams


Even just"Wheels" is pretty good.

How about "Privilege"?
I can tell you as someone who has followed this team for nearly half a century that I feel privileged every time I get the chance to watch him return a punt.

He is privileged to have this talent and we to see it every week.

Whiplash Williams