Nickelback f... Detroit.and the non fans

You might not want to click on the following link....

That was hilarious!

Wow was I embarrassed for that version and I am not even Canadian. Rap and other music genres and national anthems just don’t mix. :thdn:

see, I told you so.. :wink:

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Not a Nickelback fan, although it fits my age group more than my love for the Mighty VH (new album coming in early 2012 with David Lee Roth and i'd highly recommend for the Grey Cup 100 in Toronto), althought I must say the Nickelback show was a great halftime show, the fireworks were awesome on the field.

I watched lots of Beavis and Butt-Head and no Grey Cup should be without FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! and more FIRE! lol

I have issues with this otherwise okay article by Mr. Cross including even the thought of putting Boston (1976 not later) and Foreigner (SUCKS all the way!) in the same sentence let alone article ...Nickelback's stage was fake-rushed in its performance in Detroit to really make it hard for those of us not caught up in all the opposition there to not be critical of the whole show and especially Fox ...the radio media except for Fox were all over that point on Monday for those Detroit losers shown on the field (i.e. "Dude, we rushed the stage for Nickelback on Thanksgiving ...) ...any band that needs to be fake-rushed leaves a lot to be wondered about, but hey I'll hold back until I hear more of their stuff if I ever bother to get around to it via YouTube.

Just because there are performers even worse than Nickelback doesn't make Nickelback good; it just makes them less nauseating.

It's fair to say you don't like Nickelback, but it's completely unfair, if not incredibly arrogant, to say that Nickelback is no good. You simply don't get be one of the most popular bands in the world by being a bad band. It doesn't matter if you think it's a band that has all the originality of sausage. That might be true, but it's high quality sausage that a lot people have a taste for. That you don't like it is quite another thing. Lots of people don't like lots of things, but that doesn't make those things bad.

If I had to choose between Nickelback and Madonna for a half-time show of a championship football game, I'd pick Nickelback.

Nickleback is laughing all the way to the bank and good for them, they produce music that a fair number of people enjoy and who knows, they might actually enjoy producing and playing what they have. :wink:


I thought Nickelback put on a great half-time show at the Grey Cup this year. For the first time since 2007 I can say that the half-time got me really fired up and I enjoyed it!

X 1,000,000,000

and I hear Madonna is performing the half time show at this years Super Bowl... :o

Just what I want to see during a football game...
a 55 year old woman dressed in fishnets and barely there thongs, whipping a subservient with her cat-o-nine tails while singing God Bless America.

Great fun for the entire family. :wink:

Tell me you’re kidding? This may be the first year in a while were I skip the halftime show. :?

We're not kidding. Sorry Chief.

I've been skipping the Super Bowl halftime show, except for Prince as sucked too but it was not my TV, since the days of Beavis and Butthead. It is nothing new that the show is guaranteed suck!

I guess its a matter of personal taste. I tuned in for the half-time show, enjoyed it thoroughly, and then changed the channel after it was done. From everything I've heard about the game, I managed to catch the best part. :twisted:

Given that Chief is speaking in future tense, it seems he is referring to Madonna at the Super Bowl and not the GC.

Correct. :wink: