Nickelback f... Detroit.and the non fans

Need I say more?

you already said too much :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Canadian group even tbough I'm not a big fan.

It's just a sport to hate on Nickelback. The Buffalo fans supposedly hated them (though you would never know it by all the cheering that went on), so lots of Canadians will jump right on that big-time sport too.

I can't understand why so many people were against Nickelback but no one said anything about the Jonas Brothers or Enrique Iglesias. Whatever...

Nickleback did a great job at half time. I personally am not a Nickleback fan but I have nothing against them either. They along with the crew put on a great show and people were on their feet cheering for them when they were done.
Great job Nickleback, thanks for the show! :rockin:

I thought it was good show.

I had a thought of fun. I thought they put on an excellent show.

Today is a different matter… my head won’t stop hurting. :frowning:

All 3 chords were great! :smiley: :wink:

Not a huge fan but I thought they put on a great show. And the production value of the show was the best of I've seen in a CFL game.

Their thanksgiving day show in Detroit was marred with mic problems too, at least from what it sounded like on the feed i saw. It was only a rehearsal for the Grey cup show though which was much better. And they are much more appropriate for a half time show. I like Blue Rodeo but football halftime music they are not. You need the right music to keep the energy level in the building up.

A "thought" of fun? you must have been schmammered :lol:

Wait a minute, where did you learn that word? My sister says it all the time. :lol: Meant to say I had a lot of fun. :oops:

LOL, Can't remember where I got schmammered I think it was mathematical equation.

chief + (greycup) x (smashed + hammered) = schmammered :lol: :lol:

I thought it was a good show. Best I’ve seen of recent memory…

:thup: :rockin:

I can appreciate talent though have no interest in this band or their music.

All the same, on Monday on sports radio (Jim Rome) they were the mocked grandly due to the phoney rushing of the stage in Detroit and cheesy production by Fox. It was so bad to see all the cheesy locals on the field that I had to change that channel.

I hope they did a better job up there, but the way it played out in Detroit was super lame.

I bet at least it was better than that awful display when they re-opened BC Place.

It seemed like they only did one song in Detroit, but maybe they played during the commercials. It seemed like a very short set though.

As an old phart and one who wouldn't recognise a Nickleback song, even if they happened to play one on a station I listen to, I have to say, the half-time show was OK, didn't mind it at all.

I would like as well to give a big bouquet to Jan Arden for singing O Canada the way it's supposed to be sung, so we all could sing along. Glad they didn't tell her to yodel it like whoever did it during the Olympics!

Mark my words, the day will come when the national anthem will be performed in rap or hip hop.

oh the humanity! :o

and yes, the half time show was quite decent.
T.O. should utilize the same organizers for next season's Cup game. Hope they don't drop the ball..