Nick Setta's Kicking Stats

Nick Setta is 4th in the league for kicking points with 50pts. He trails the leader, Duval, by 3pts. But the thing is... Duval has made 6 extra points to Setta's 2. Setta also has the longest field goal so far this season and has the best percentage!

This guy is a keeper! At least we have a few bright spots.

and off to the NFL he goes...

and off to the NFL he goes...
Yeah, so lets win next year while we still have him!

Hope he signs with Green Bay...

Umm.. he is under contract with Hamilton.

I hope He Sticks with us
My guess he'll gone to the NFL once he is in his Option year is here.

It's by no means a sure thing that he's going to the NFL guys. The NFL has plenty of excellent kickers with more coming on every year; he wouldn't be a star there. I would say its more likely he stays here, actually.

Nick's an NFL kicker, plain & simple.
Owns record at Notre Dame come on, I consider the cats lucky to have this guy for 2 years. but he'll be gone to the NFL just like that. He'll dash for the boarder, he belongs there.

I believe he has already been in a few NFL camps but couldn't stick so he could be here for while

Uhh.. we're talking about when he blows this joint and heads for the NFL. You don't seriously think he wants to make a career in the CFL when he has the ability to play in the NFL, do you?

It's too bad but he'll be gone - do you remember Lawrence Tynes with the Renegades??
Best kicker in the CFL in 2003 - next year he's in Kansas City and still the starter there.

He'll be here until his contract expires. then he'll jump ship & attend an NFL training camp, he'll have more experience playing pro football here in Canada for a few years, so he'll be ready to go, more than likely he was cut from those teams because lack of experience.

Cool Tristan Clovis of the Riders posts on our forum. Welcome congrats thus far on a good year. Please call of the dogs before you put up 54 on us.....please!

Oh and Onknight please change your paperbag to say we're (we are)0-5 not where (as in where are we) 0-5. Just here to help

And to think some wanted to give Boreham more time.... sigh.

The addition of Nick Setta to this years team will eventually be one of many good things.

Setta has had several tryouts in NFL camps. At least 5-6 and never made it. The NFL has more than enough good kickers already.

Pssst. Lawrence Tynes plays for the New York Giants now.

  • paul

I said it before and I'll say it again. Sign this kid long term, if he'll do it. A definite keeper, if he'll stay but of course that is the 80-90 thousand dollars a year question? Does anyone know what Prefontaine makes per year? Whatever it is Setta should be offered close to it on a two year extension.

The dual kicking role is vital in the CFL im my opinion Saskatchewan and Jamie Boreham excluded of course.

Nick Setta is a terrific kicker!

I'd offer Setta a very nice contract PLUS help him find a job for his post football career. It seems like he's an intelligent guy that can make more of himself than just a football player.

This guy has impressed me a lot so far.

seems to have had a great game in Sask. so far.