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Update on Setta

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thanks for the link Makaveli.

The Cats should keep tabs on Nick as insurance in case Medlock defects to the NFL..

When he says he never has been in better shape physically and mentally than he is now, you have to believe there is an NFL team out there that may get interested. [b]If not, what about the CFL? “I’d possibly consider the CFL again because a chance to play is a chance to play,? Setta said.[/b]

But on the other hand, there's his previous quote from the article.

"I could call teams myself [b]if I wanted to go back to the CFL[/b]."
Mixed messages here.

You pulled that quote way out of context...
If you read it hes saying to get back into the NFL he needs to hire someone to make those calls for him.

I saw the context, but the way he said it was a bit odd. But maybe I'm reading more into it than he meant. The fact that he hasn't ruled the CFL out completely is promising - assuming he doesn't land a spot with an NFL team in the meantime.

Nick Setta had a couple chances to play for teams in in the CFL a few years ago
but he turned them down likely because he wasn't offered the money he wanted.

If that's the case, the only place he can get the money he wants has to be the NFL.

Nick didn't perform well enough for Obie to keep him the year that he was released.

Obie doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who goes back to the well a second time.

Good luck to you Nick. I hope you get one last shot at the NFL, and the big bucks!

I disagree about Setta's performance in his last year here.

No doubt he was injured, but his numbers were still far better than his replacement, who kicked great here until he became a Ti-Cat.

I'd bring Nick back in a heartbeat if Medlock goes.


I would love to see Setta in black and gold once more.

Frankly, so would I.

Nick Setta can kick the ball so hard he beaned a nun in Rochester. :oops:

2009 Nick Setta FG% 76.0%
2010 DeAngelis FG% 76.2%

2009 Nick Setta Kick Off avg 56.8 yards
2010 DeAngelis Kick Off avg 56.7 yards

2009 Nick Setta Punt avg 42.9 yards
2010 J. Palardy Punt avg 43.0 yards

Setta was also clearly injured!