Nick Setta.....

....dumped by Cats....hmmmmmm now that's interesting....Maybe they'll want to go non-import for the kicking duties....Good luck finding one of those who can handle all of the kicking chores..This little guy in B.C. comes to mind (can't remember his name)..Maybe the kitty-cats are in the mood for a trade....good luck with Wally on that one???? :lol: :lol:

This move startles me.Ito didn't seem fantastic enough to dump Setta and go soley with Ito with no chance given to Setta to win the job.My impression of Ito is he's a solid 65-70% kicker inside of 40 but outside, you're probably looking at 30-40%.This move hurts Obie, there better be a good reason for it.

I'm not surprised. Setta didn't have a banner year last season and Ito kicked well in the games he was in and is likely a lot cheaper.

....yeah....i forgot about this Ito kid who came in late season....I believe we seen him in the play-offs and he kicked a few field-goals ,... One of them is still a mystery to me and Jovon Johnson who was standing underneath the posts.... (CLEARLY MISSED)In any event good luck with him... :roll:

According to the video on, MB states that this was an issue purely of inconsistency.This position as well as many other's that were inconsistent in '09 will be addressed.He goes on further to say that they will be looking for another kicker either in the US, the draft or through trades/FA and are open to all possibilities and will try make the best decision possible.We shall see, we shall see.I wouldn't have minded keeping Setta around just for insurance, but then again he was getting paid alot just for K/P.

.....pardon wasn't a play-off game ....just our sign-off for 09 game :lol:

I always thought Setta was a great kicker. When Serna was missing, I wished we had someone like Nick. One bad year doesn't justify his release. Hope Ito works out for you guys, 15.

Wasn't Setta hurting for most of last season? Maybe it just ain't ever gonna get back to 100%

Yeah, he fractured his back or something.But he was getting better.Reports say though he was getting paid 200k/ year and if an import kicker's getting paid that, his FG accuracy should be much higher then %79.

Probably should be, in this day and age of the crazy good kickers. Fractured his back? Wow...certainly no minor injury.

Setta missed a few easy field goals that cost Hamilton at least 2 wins last year. If you are making big money, you have to make those. That's why Hamilton released him.

Now that Obie has freed up the money that Setta was making, he can spend it in free agency. Maybe on Sandro DeAngelis (who is a jerk, but a great kicker).