Nick Setta

TSN telecast just mentioned that statistically he is now the worst kicker in the entire league. He also looked pretty bad on that fake that ended up not being a fake.

He is the worst kicker in the league, his stats bear it out.

I heard that he will be interviewed on CHML at halftime, so tune into CHML now to hear what I hope will be answers to questions I'd like answered.

I expect the miss will end up being very costly.

the guy sucks,there are better kickers in the CIS right now! If he is hurt get off the field and get someone in who can fill in until he recovers. If he isn't hurt, get someone in to replace him. He is a liability to the team. This is not the first game that is going to be lost because of the incompetence of our kicker.

There is something wrong and they are hiding it bigtime??? :thdn:

I listened to that interview, nothing interesting was said.

Well, here come the posts where he gets knocked for missing FGs, and his punts not being as good as they should have been.

But he does have the league's worst FG percentage, unacceptable for an import.

he cost us the game :thdn: OZZIE those were the days...........

Its becoming time to get rid of him, if he doesnt shape up I dont picture him being around next season, oh and it will be great to see the field goals he misses in the playoffs.....if cats make playoffs.

How quickly we forget…

Yea those cracked vertebrae haven't effected his game at all :roll:

Wh :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: AT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY???????

Forget what? He's never won a game with a clutch kick, albeit he hasn't been in that position too often in his three years with the team. His performance has cost this team at least three wins by missing kicks that other kickers are making. His punting has been erratic and he runs like he is 80-years old.
What is the love affair with this guy?

Lol...forget? Nick's FG % last two years is a joke...Nice guy (we've had our fill of them), who is not capable (for whatever reason) of performing at a level that winning teams expect. Memories are for loosers....oh yea...that would be us...SIng him up for another 10 years...

Release him after this season

Couldn't have said it better myself. Maybe would should take McCallum off of BC's hands. He will do just as good or bad as Setta and will free up a spot for an import.

Please don’t think you are hiding his injury Marcel. Its plain to see he is not kicking the ball near well enough to still be in there. Bring in a non import kicker NOW!!!

There is no way Wally let’s go of McCallum while he is in a possible playoff race with the Ticats. Forget it.

As of right now,the guy cannot get the job done.

He cost us the game tonight....

Nick was athletic, could boom those high punts and was pretty good making field goals. He get injured this year and looks mediocre. Either the Cats are hiding his injury or the injury has affected his ability to perform. I still like him, but definitely OB needs to evaluate the situation.