Nick Setta

The way this guy is kicking, I'm losing confidence in his ability to make a big kick when we need one.

Missing a 46 yard field goal isn't uncommon... but for Setta... it seems odd. Especially with last weeks short miss.

Then the blocked PAT.

It does make you wonder but I have complete faith that he'll turn it around.

Setta's misses tonight will come back to haunt us. Bet on it.

You make me cry............

Glad that I did not take that bet.....I would be broke

Well, you called it.

It's not easy to make FGs from those ranges, but if he made at least one of them...

I just don't trust this guy to make crucial kicks. When the game was on the line, Ozzie was money. Setta has been bailed out by his teammates far more than he has bailed them out. Punting has been pretty mediocre too.

At least the point after!! ...Nick keep one eye open tonight when you sleep

Pretty much......although I'm willing to cut him some slack for just a bit longer. There was a time where he was scoring our only points and was just on autopilot. That being said, I sure would like to know just what the heck is the matter with him right now.......

Wouldn't be as large an issue if we could figure out how to score touchdowns in the red zone, and if we could get everybody learning how to tackle.....

I wouldn't be screaming Nick. I'd be screaming STALA!!!!! Cause he's the one that dropped the game ending pass. Had he caught that, i'm sure we could've pulled off a win.

Ah I remember it was just a year ago, ticat wants were worried that Nick (clutch) Setta would be drafted by the NFL. :lol:

This back injury really must of affected him. He's always putting it wide now, still has the distance just pi$$ poor aim.

Yeah, I'm losing faith in Setta, and I've totally lost faith in Beveridge. This guy is totally afraid to hit anyone.

Setta blew it...a missed convert...poor punting....missed short field goal last week...missed clutch fg this week.....he better shape up...he is an import....he has been sub par....he has been BAD

A wasted import position.

49 yards isn't automatic range. I agree Setta hasn't been as consistent this year, but 49 yarders won't be made every time.

It started with his miss on Labour day. After someone makes one major screw up, everyone puts him down whenever he screws up until he does something amazing. Its human nature.

I don't think he has been bad, as in Jamie Boreham Bad.

He HAS been more inconsistent this year than what we have been accustomed to. Not worried. Yet.

Why is the blocked PAT Setta's fault, how about the blocking FOR that kick.... does that not count????

Yeah, because our offence has been pretty much automatic in scoring TDs once we've reached the Toronto 10 yard line these past two games. Right ... ?