Nick Setta

Cuthbert and Suitor made a great point during the Calgary / Winnipeg game last night in regards to American kicker Alexis Serna for the Blue Bombers who has been struggling this season, and basically it was, if a team in the CFL is going to dress an American kicker, then that kicker better be the 33rd best kicker in North America.

It's unfortunate, but because of the ratio in the CFL giving up what is traditionally a Canadian position to an American, means extra added expectations to the kicker.

This also applies to Nick Setta. There isn't much to complain about regarding his punting, but his field goal kicking hasn't been as stellar as it needs to be. It was a tough kick to close the game out with, but MUST hit that game winner when the game is on the line. No exceptions. Injured or not. Make the kick to win the game.

The teams needs to bring in a couple of Canadian kickers into camp next year to put some pressure on Setta, and at the very worse to give an opportunity to be around a CFL team in case they need to call on one of them in the future.



Injured or not... no if he is injured you cant expect that kind of kick to be auto. it was a tough kick that setta probably would have made if he was 100 %

55 yards with a veering wind, in an unfamiliar stadium...?

Glad I don't have to work for you!

Lets save the miracle kicks for when we are in the playoffs!

This one was a "faint hope" at best, and St Nick nearly had it done...too many other plays could have decided it in our favour that didn't happen, blaming it on the PK on a poor hopes play at the end of the game is unsportsmanlike, IMHO!

Would of been automatic for Ozzie !!! He is a kicker and that`s his job , if they didnt think he could make it they wouldnt of tried it from that far away .

I've got it!!!!!

Lets convert Jesse to a placekicker!

Sometimes I surprise myself :rockin:

I disagree with Suitor and Black there is no way with that crazy wind that you kick a 55 yard filed goal. Punt it through the endzone and get the point. Go to a shoot out. I know he has the leg but he has been hurt and the wind is a factor. We play conservative all game and then we depend on him to kick the 55 yarder. Come on!

Suiter called it the right decision because if Setta was to punt the ball, he would have been another 8 yards back. That would have put him on our 48. He would have been lucky to reach the endzone, never mind kick it out of the endzone.
Right call, bad break.

it would have been a 65 yard punt with the wind.. Very easy for NIck's punting leg.

Tough call here, not sure exactly how hurt Setta is. Statistically I'd say a punt had more chance of getting the job done. But how much statistically more than a good field goal? Not much maybe 5 percent more chance, 10 at the very most.

Setta averages 48 yards per punt. You have a 20 to 30 km and hour wind at his back. He is a league worst 78 percent in FG's His longest all year is 48. I love Nick and I am a big supporter but he is the best punter in the CFL and with the wind at his back he gets it up the wind would carry it. How wide ar ethe uprights and how wide is the field. What are the better odds?

What a stupid post.
A 55 yarder, no matter who is kicking the ball, is a crapshoot. He doesn''t HAVE to hit anything from out there. If he does, great. But I don't think you'll find too many people bold enough to expect it.

Ok now I've REALLY seen it all. :roll: Some people take ridiculous to a whole new level around here. Sorry, man. But there is no automatic on a 55 yard field goal. Face the facts he never should have been put in that position in the first place. Even with the injury aside, a 55 yard field goal is not a gimme. It is not his decision whether to punt or go for the FG.

Setta is a trooper. I'm willing to bet he's still not 100%, but he went out and played and punted the crap out of the ball.

He leads the league in punting, but he misses a FIFTY-FIVE yard FG and he's fodder for the bashers. What a joke :roll:

I didnt see anyone bashing the man, but a 55 yd field goal was attempted because the coach thought he could make it . Kickers make that length of kick all the time in CFL games over each season . Sure some are missed but a kick of that length is doable and with the season we are having it was up to Setta to put it through . He had lots of length so obviously it IS a kick he can make .

    Als4ever what seems to be the problem with you ?? Why do you post on the Tiger Cat board , are they tired of you over their as well ??

Um, excuse me....

It was 54 yards. :wink:

Setta has been one of the lone bright spots on this team for the past 2 seasons and suggesting that we should be looking for a Canadian kicker because Setta's FG kicking hasn't been as good as it was last year is silly to me. I don't care what his birth certificate says he is NOT a guy that you let get away.

I agree with Settagirl.

Sign him soon.

LOL smartass.

A 55 yard FG attempt is far from a gimme. He made a good attempt in bad conditions (had the distance, a bit wide to the right). Still, his FG kicking doesn't seem as consistent as it was last year although his punting's been fine. In terms of his future, he'd be a lot more secure of he was Canadian. As far as the NFL is concerned, I think he's shown why his previous attempts have not been successful--he's a pretty decent FG kicker but not amongst the 32 best on the planet.

I have to agree with other posters, that the Cats should draft a Canadian CIS grad and bring him to camp.

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Wow, I can't believe people are complaining about Nick Setta. I was at the game yesterday and I was so impressed by this guy. Hemming us deep even when he's punting into the wind. I'm not sure any of you have been to Saskatchewan, that wind was really swirling by the 4th quarter. I'm not sure what the % of CFL kickers from 54 yards out is but I'm willing to bet it's not great. That was a really tough kick.

Janikowski hit from 58 to win a game yesterday...