Nick Setta the real hero tonight.

Keith did great (3 sacks, 1 fumble recovery)
Anderson excellent interception
Defence was on the ball for most of the 2nd half

The return of Jesse showed how much of a force he really was.

But I want to give Nick Setta his props..he kept us in the game guys. He was responsible for 16 of Hamilton's 24 points tonight. The offence was not getting it done in the first half but Setta would come on and keep the tabbies in the game.

Setta has been one of the true consistant bright spots in the black and gold this season.

Way to go Nick.

The 52-yard FG was huge. He had good punt placement and his placekicking as a whole was stellar. Great job by Nick -- i wholeheartedly concur.

Oski Wee Wee,

Probably the best kicker in the CFL this year.

Setta played a huge role tonight. Nailing those field goals was awesome to see live. The 52 yarder- seldom successul in the CFL, was right on cue from snap through to the uprights. He is a consistent kicker indeed and deserves great applause by fans.
Congrats Nik, you're a huge part of the offense.

what’s with all the shanks thou?

Not only was his kicking outstanding, on one play he knocked a player out of bounds, and it was a good hit.

The one was just after he punted a 53 yarder so cut him some slack. He's doing a great job overall and i can't see how he can miss as ST player of the week.

Great job again, Nick

NFL Bound.

Moreno was the hero!

Ti-Cats RichieWilliams was the Gladiator.

Setta's 52 yarder ,priceless.

DeAngellis missing one ....?

Nice to smell some Red and White whine.

Beats the Black and gold stuff.

he shanked 2.

I know that. I just chose not to address the other I think he's allowed to shank a couple once in a while.

you're right, but not in the same game.

His punting seems to be very hot or very cold.

They very cold stuff I don't like.

The way I see it is that they didn't hurt us and he kicked 5 field goals so I'm not going to knit-pick. He can't be blamed for the second one. He never should have had to rekick after the 53 yard one.

And if it had????

a true kicker who is a dual purpose player, he actually works out, does his job and says nothing, and doesnt do any dancing, showboating or taunting. DeAngelis and the classless stamps can learn from him, the same goes for prefontaine who thinks he is a QB.

If I lived in "if"s I'd be even more stressed out than I am.

It didn't. I think Setta is doing just fine.

Why not? Too tired after kicking once?

hey rocket , who invited you here?
Get lost.

why? my remark about deangelis wasnt racist, it was just some sacrcasm