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Re: ..."see red , white and blue"

Good point, Kenny.
Forty years ago when we had Americans like Sutherin, Zuger and Coffey punting and kicking,fans were really unhappy and the team was in dire straits.

I strongly suspect that the Cats will trade Fleming and maybe a few other players before the draft next week to steamline the roster. With Setta coming in, Fleming is obviously not part of the long-term picture in Hamilton.

As much as I like Ozzy and the idea of having as many non-imports on the field as possible, I am at the point now after a few disappointing seasons at the bottom of the standings where I don't really care who wears our colours onto the field as long as we win.

I am anxious for the exhibitions to start so I can see how this team is coming together and what kind of a team Marcel and Charlie have been working to build in the offseason.

Last season or Offence all around was lacking, this season maybe our new American Kicker will be able to bump up Special teams production..all and all I am excited for June to see the new look Cats go at the Bombers

This guy wants to play in Steeltown, so if he can kick....Welcome to Tigertown Nick.

How quickly we forget. Last year our team had "jelled" for the exhibition games, and then what happened? I don't care if we win an exhibition game 100-0. Pre-season games mean diddly-squat!!! I'll be focussing my attention on the first regular season game when it really begins to count.

The Cats have to improve big time this year so that we can have a stronger Eastern Division.
Especially so that the games with my Argos are meaningful and to get more people at the dome.

This guy (Setta)is awesome. His career was filled with pressure packed kicks in front of millions of viewers each week. Should be a massive upgrade in the kicking game this year.