nick setta signing?

Then you would be wrong. LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm not saying that his injury didn't play a part in his poor performance, but I don't think all of the blame can be put on the Ticats either. Tay was a completely different player in 2006 than he was in 2007. I like Tay, but his heart just wasn't here last year.

Tay was up and Down last
There where Times Where He would Talk your head off. And Other Where give you and Evil Eye.
He was not happy here time to let him go.

I talked to him at the Grey Cup festivities and he really wants to get something signed. Furthermore, I also think he will stay around simply for involvement he undertakes in the community. It may be his own personal worth ethic but it shows me he likes where he is and wants to stay. I personally am also guessing he already has a deal in place.