nick setta signing?

Just wondering if there's been any news on Nick Setta signing a new contract.
Haven't heard anything yet, sure hope we can get him on a long term deal.

My Guess is there working on it ..
I would be Surprised if Plays it out and gose to the NFL

They probably have him signed to a new deal, but are waiting for a future date to announce it to generate publicity for ticket sales during a normally slow time for ticket sales.

I highly doubt that this is the case, I think Nick is huge asset to the team. However I would love to see the if signing a kicker actually increases ticket sales.

Plus you couldn't really hold back a signing like that it would get leaked out and the Hamilton Spec with it's great reporting would be all over it.

I wouldn't be surprised if Setta went to the NFL. He's that good. I think the Bills should take him. He's better than the kicker they have now.

Maybe Nick isn't Setta to sign yet. :roll:

I just spat out some of my Cool Refreshing Beveridge reading that...LMAO

Yes, the CFL offseason IS long enough that echoes of Jason Farr gnaw at my brain. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Plus you couldn't really hold back a signing like that it would get leaked out and the Hamilton Spec with it's great reporting would be all over it.
I would assume you made that comment with tongue in cheek !!!!!! Surely you weren't serious !!!!!

Do we really want to give a guy an extension based on one good year? Remember we all thought Tay Cody was the next big thing, and then he didn't play well last year. Maybe we should let him play out his current contract before worrying about re-signing the guy.

That works both ways. If he is the top kicker in the league this year then you risk losing him to free agency or end up paying more...

I'll take my chances after 2 good years rather than just 1.

I'd like to see Nick sign longterm NOW. Tay Cody was hurt last year and played through it. Not really an accurate picture of his abilities.

Nick trains like he is ready for a triathlon on any given day... great work ethic and that is always wanted here.

Let me see, Rian Lindell the Bills kicker beat out guess who for a job the year before he came to the Cats??
Rian Lindell set a team record with 18 consecutive made field goals 2007-2008. Holds Bills record with 84.17 career FG percentage (117-139)… Never missed an extra point attempt in his career making 248 of 248 attempts; Only player in NFL history to start career with a streak that long

Setta will not be shuffling off to Buffalo.

Doubt it…great kicker but kicks too low trajectory. NFL kickers have to get the ball up alot quicker to clear the monster d-lines down there.

Nick should stay up here and be a potential super star

Nick is in Town this week :cowboy:

Well Let hope he is here to sign a Long Term Deal.

I can't believe there is anyone who doesn't see the need to lock Setta up now. I'm willing to take the chance that last season was a fluke rather than risk losing him. Tay Cody's attitude played a large part in his bad season. I don't see the same problem with Setta. If we don't sign him to a longer deal we are making a big mistake.

:thup: Exactly.

Nick is a workout fanatic and is a very good example for other team mates. Why are we letting this man wait. (Maybe were not).:wink:

I disagree.

I think it was his injury and Hamilton's consistent ineptness that contributed to his bad season.