Nick Setta no longer a Tiger-Cat..... Released

Wow!...never saw that coming at all :expressionless:

Tiger-Cat press release:

Hamilton, Ontario – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has released import kicker/punter Nick Setta.

“Nick was a respected member of this team and community as well as a hard worker both on and off the field. We would like to thank him for his contributions and wish him the best in the future,? said Head Coach Marcel Bellefeuille.

Wow neither did I. . . wonder what was behind this decision? The Cats' press release gives no hint whatsoever. . .

Its not April 1st... [url][/url]

Let's just end the revolving door of kickers and bring back Bernie and Ozzy...... :lol: :wink: (they can share duties while the other one naps in the dugout) (just kidding Ozzy and Bernie)

Serious, perhaps his injury he had is more serious than we thought?.......(just a guess of course)

Bottom line he was inconsistent last year, the business of football is ruthless, all it takes is one bad year and you're gone.

Good point. I wonder as well if since he is an American in a traditional Canadian position, even though he was doing both jobs, was also a factor. The BC Lions have two Canadian kickers that can do both jobs as well. I wonder if one will be coming here to fill this opening.

Maybe, just maybe, Nick had options in the States that he wanted to pursue, and this step was taken by mutual consent.
And maybe I'm wrong, and we'll never know the full story.

I just hope we can get someone who can both punt and kick field goals. It's hurts to have to commit two players to those tasks.

WHAT!? Really? Was it THAT bad last seasion that he isnt worth a off seasion to heal up and try again? Well, Heres to you nick! Thanks for the good times! Still shocked! Hopfully Obie has sumin up his sleeve!
Think this will free up much cap space, or is a Import kicker not worth much in the CFL?

Thought he kicked better at the end of the season when he was finally healed from his injury.

I hope they bring in someone really good to replace him.

I don't want the next headline saying that the Cats signed Ito! thoughts exactly

Well the last thing I'd ever do would be to disagree with both Woody and Wilf :smiley:

So I agree 100%

If we're relying soley on Ito, i'll be terrified going into this season.Nick was a great kicker/punter and an even better person.Like I said, if we're doing this just for Ito then edge of your seat games would be an understatement.

Much as I like the guy's dedication to the team, the community and his persoanl fitness, he sucked last year.

He was among the worst in FG percentage, avg kickoff length, and punt length

If you're going to pay "big money" for import in that spot, he'd better be at or near the tops of those stats.

Too bad. He's very likable and easy to cheer. Wished he did better.

I am somewhat schocked but not surprised why the team has marketed some palyers as home town heros and then has the gall to release them. Hard for the young fans to get connected whrn you keep the turn style spinning. As another person posted " I hope Obie can pull a rabbitt out of his hat. Perhaps " Judge Itto will be comimg to camp or a Canadian kicker who is able to punt and place kick is sitting in the wings????

Wow! That's a big surprise. :o :o

I think "the judge" already deserved to come to training camp and I would certainly like to him there now at this point.

Westwood :lol:

can we say SANDRO DIANGELIS he"s from niagra falls and a free agent. But none the less i thought nick was good and it's sad to see him go i hope it was on good terms

There are two main obstacles to getting Deangilis.
1.The Cowboys may want him
2.He may want to stay loyal to the Stamps


If he (Obie) hasn't, I'll be more shocked by that than this. And, I'm certainly shocked by this!

I am shocked by this move. Hopefully Nick was not released to save money.