Nick Setta is hurt?????

I was watching the game from home and they said Nick Setta was hurt. you can see the pain he was in while kicking the ball.
Has anybody heard anything about Settas injury? :frowning:

I was at the game.

The person sitting next to me pointed out to me that one time early in the game that Setta fell to the ground after one of the kick offs.

on chml's broadcast they said setta had back spasms since the beginning of the game

Who's our backup kicker?

I was at the game tonight and I was wondering the same thing ... and then someone noted that his short kicks and punts were to keep the kick returners short ... since the first couple times we had a heck of a time holding them back ... in particular tiny little #25

I thought I heard them say on TSN that he took a helmet to the back, but I could be wrong.

I hope he's ok.

I believe on one of the early returns (maybe the opening kick-off?) on a long return by Montreal, Nick had to attempt a tackle and I believe that's when he got hurt - After our 1st TD, prior to the subsequent kick-off he was stretching out his back and appeared to even have trouble bending over to place the ball on the tee

Still stuck it out and didnt miss a FG... Warrior and true team player.

Great game Nick!

Your efforts are noticed!

On the 5th quarter, Michaels said that Chris Bauman is the emergency kicker.

I noticed that after the first 2 kickoffs that Setta was kicking on an angle and not kicking deep to Montreal's kick return players.

Was this because Setta was hurt or because Montreal had 2 excellent returns on the first 2 kickoffs?

Nick is the Kind of Player we love in Tigertown.
Steel Town Tough as Nails .
I hope he okay for the Montreal Game Thanksgiving day.

He should one of Obie top Resign Jobs

Setta, showed true grit against the Als. He was hurt and just kept playing. That is a true ticat player.

I hope Obie does everything he can, to try and resign Setta. Lets also hope that Setta doesnt try out for the NFL!!