Nick Setta is Awsome!!!!!

Nick Setta is an Awsome player and kicker/Punter we haven't had that kind of a player at that position since Ozzie and I for one am darn glad we have Nick Setta. He is a great guy, good kicker and look at the hang time on his punts and great special teams play last night with the tackle on the Al's returner.

Congratulations to the Ti-Cats scouting and management for finding Nick and bringing him to Hamilton, it's great to have you in Steeltown Nick, and keep on Hanging your punts-High and your field goal kicks accurate. Go Cats Go! Let's try for your first victory in B.C. Eat Em Raw!!!

I could not agree more Nick Setta is the best new addition to our tigercats and probably the rookie of the year winner.His punting is awsome,his kickoffs deadly and his accuracy 6 out 7 .Setts is the reason our special teams are playing great .jamie Boreham could not hold his kicking tee let alone be a professional kicker!

Nick Setta should get to pick who playes QB!

Nick Setta should play Quarterback!

And safety! hahaha.

Setta is my favorite Ticat. Part of it is due to my love of Notre Dame!

Setta was also the scout team QB at Notre Dame. He CAN play QB but I doubt at the pro level. But hey.. who knows?

Hi QB ability certainly opens options for a fake punt down the road.


agreed....or even on a broken play during punting like a bad snap or some other's nice to have options at times....

nick setta was a third string quarterback with notre dame

so why not do a fake punt every now and then?

yea he wont be a like an amazing passer but i would like to see if he can throw the ball on a fake punt

why not?

3rd stringer and scout team QB are normally the same guy. I would imagine Williams runs scout team plays for the Cats.

They probably will try one at some point. They just need the right time to do it.
Fake field goal too, with Chang being the holder.

I didn't know he was 3rd QB at Notre Dame (Hail Mary) but explains what I saw at the exhibition games. I was watching QBs warming up just before kickoff and didn't know who 13 was. Looked it up and it was Setta. He was throwing nice tight spirals on a string, thought he was a QB they had just brought in. Fake punts are really possible with him down the road.

Ozzy in the making.

Nick was on the Notre Dame track and field team as well!!