Nick Setta Hurt?

Is Nick Setta 100% healthy. Yes, he looks great when he kicks field goals,especially from 50 yards .

But he seemed off last night punting. He would have one good kick then a bad one, and he didnt run up to the ball this game after a kick it like he use to.????

A couple of times he was punting into the wind and the idea isn't always to nuke it 75 yards, but to position the ball to stop a return and give the opponent terrible field position.

The Mechanics of One is very Different from the other
Punting you use more of Your Back Muscles
That where nick is hurt ..
He getting better should fine before LD

Kudos to that Sean Whyte on B.C. that guy had some serious punts, Very Nick Setta like :wink:

There were also a couple of snaps that were a little off that forced a rushed punt.