Nick Saban praises Tedford/Steinauer/CFL

Nick Saban probably the best coach in all of Football and maybe greatest ever after Bear Bryant (another Alabama coach. So there is something in the Alabama water) just gave massive props to Jeff Tedford, Orlando Steinauer both at Fresno State, and mentioned the CFL (notably Flutie and Stampeders)

Alabama will play Fresno State next week.

Saban called Jeff Tedford probably the best offensive minded coach in the game of football. Commented about his role in the spread offense in the CFL w/ Doug Flutie, who expanded the creativity of the offense with the passing game that all of Football knows today and then took his concepts to the NCAA while coaching at California (Aaron Rodgers alma-matter). While at California other NCAA teams copied and then even made its way to the National Football League with coaches implementing more of a traditional spread pass offense.

He knows Tedford well and has met him on numerous occasions to discuss his offensive philosophy.

Watching film he sees some good players on Fresno State defense and thinks they are very well coached with confusing schemes, blitz packages, and did not mention O.S by name but said their new defensive co-ordinator is a young exciting coach that he heard (probably from Tedford) is an upcoming coach with huge potential to be an elite NCAA Football coach and the Alabama offense will be preparing hard all week to play Fresno State's defense.

Next week we got lots of big games in the CFL but you might want to watch Alabama vs Fresno State during the Banjo Bowl.

Saban obviously didn’t see Tedford coach BC. Tedford was clueless as a CFL HC.

doesn't matter. look at nick saban in miami. different opportunity. tedford is an amazing coach. one of the games greatest offensive coaches.

Some guys are just better suited for the college atmosphere, it's a totally different world. I am sure some pro coaches who are very successful would struggle in the NCAA as well.

Saban is the prime example of a guy who simply knows college football. I am sure many people forget how low Alabama was before he got there.

My fear is that June Jones falls into that category as well, coaching in Conference-USA and the Mountain West are different animal than the CFL.

All kinds of praise for the opponent before Saban meets every team. Smart guy.

This is true you rarely hear coaches stir the pot before a game plus I'm sure he does go way back with Tedford, but Saban also has a reputation to speak his mind when he wants to lol He cracks me up with some of his hot takes. This was a good one, and really don't disagree with him.

I'll watch on android box next week that's a interesting game it will be huge upset if FS could pull off a win !