Nick Lewis to the Als

Wow..Popp is a free agent signing machine.

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It's a different ballgame in the east without AC and teams like the Cats emerging as the new dominating force.


You keep telling youself that, Earl.

So dominant, that the Argos took the season series.
So dominant, that they finished the season 9-9.

The east is wide open and teams are loading up to make the run for the division crown.

Although, Braley's Argos haven't done much this off season. No surprise there.

Ti-Cats also by the luck of the draw (or by some other crooked measures) played the expansion Redblacks 3 times last year (twice at home) while the Argos only played them twice. There is your 2 point difference in the standings, and as you pointed out, Argos also won the season series.

So the Als have SJ Green, Fred Stamps and Nik god...

Three or four years ago, you'd have a point.

For 2015, I'm not so sure; don't know how much Stamps and Lewis have left in the tank. . .

Between those three, and Deslauriers, London and Chad Johnson, only Deslaurier andLondon (who are 30) are under the age of 33. If I was an Als fan, I would really hope they don't all hit the wall at once.

Giguere and London are no slouches either and with the added depth of Lefevour at QB, the Als should have one of the more formidable offences this year.

..and if Whitaker can stay healthy throughout the entire campaign, look out East Division.

I may be mistaken, but I always thought that last season's performance determined which team got the additional vs game in the division. However this years scheduled seems to indicate that is not the case. The Argos still had ample chances to steal the points they needed from the #2 seed Montreal or by just winning an extra game anywhere to prevent the crossover and not losing to Ottawa early in the season.

ROTFLMAO at AngeloV and his 2 point difference theory :lol: I guess you conveniently forgot to remember the fact that the TWOCOLOURS only won 2 games all last year and 1 of them was against your Argo's :stuck_out_tongue: There's your 2 point difference :lol: :rockin: As for being crooked if you look it up in the dictionary you'll see a pic of Jim "the Blue Blob " Barker :twisted: :lol: In all seriousness I can honestly see the East being ultra competitive this season and on a par or better than some of the so-called powerhouse teams :roll: that make up the vastly superior West division :roll: :cowboy:

The thing is, veteran receivers even though they physically they may be worn, often have a bag of tricks they can use to extend their career. Dave Stala and Arland Bruce III are perfect examples of this.

Collaros and the Ticats ARE the new Als only we are going to win more Grey Cups than the Als did with AC. :wink: :wink: :wink: Nick is on the downside of his career and going downside as we speak. 8)

The Argos don't even have an owner who is committed right now ie. "I'll wait till summer and figure out where we are going to play and who is going to own this team in the future". Sounds like a recipe for a Grey Cup winning team. :lol: :lol: :lol: Hey, even drummer god is thinking of moving over to TigerCatVille. :wink:

Argones lost to the BlackHeads :lol: if Collaros played the other half of the season Cats would have won 14 games ! Argones will miss the playoffs again this year :roll:

Back to back East division champs, sounds a little dominant in the east to me..
back on topic, could be tough to get past the Al's this year, Cats have a ridiculously good DL, lets build that secondary up a little bit to make things interesting :smiley:

You do realize that he lost as the starter twice to the Argos, do you not?

Glad I can make your day there Bobo. And I didn't conveniently forget it. Just saying that if the Argos had a 3rd game vs Ottawa, rather than Montreal, they very likely would have won the division.

one is 32 and one is 33. Both are coming off one of their worst seasons in the CFL. They're on the decline of their careers. Not too worried.

...correction: Lewis IS a in a battlefield instrument...not something you put fish in...

...I will miss him tho, wish he retired a Stamp

...this...but with a twist...Nik's biggest contribution last year was not on-field related, but as a locker room leader...Stamps could being playing the same role...

You must also be aware, then, that in the three head-to-head Ticats-Argos games, the home team was undefeated. The Argos had two of those three games in their stadium. (Must have been some kind of crooked measure?)

Had it been the other way around, add 2 pts to HAM, deduct 2 pts from TOR. There's a 4-pt differential, which more than makes up for the 2 pts you seem so concerned about re: the rEDbLACKS.