Nick Kaczur

With all of the hype around Jesse, here is a young man from Brantford getting ready to start his second full season in the NFL. Nick played in 14 games last year, "STARTING" in 11 for the New England Patriots. He was the left offensive tackle blocking to protect Tom Brady's back. He obviously did very well. :thup: This year he is listed as second string on their depth chart behind Matt Light, a 6 year veteran.

Don't get too excited - He is Argo property. :cry:

The reason he is not gettting the hype is because he plays a position nobody talks about or sees. Linemen are the unsung heros.
Running backs and QB,s get all the glory

oh he gets enough hype here in browntown.

you should see the amount of patriots crap hanging up at frankies...

Doesn't really matter. Looks like he is in the NFL to stay.

How much are pitchers at Frankies Espo?

:thup: Great point I brought this up last year this kid is a Canadian that is making it BIG in the NFL :thup:

Oh I forgot what about Jesse who? :wink:

he is actualy a good friend of my brothers and he is battiling a bit of injuries but expects to be good for the begining of the season and he definatly has no plans of coming to the CFL :slight_smile:

ya know.... (and it saddens me to say this) but i don't know.... i live on the other side of town so i'm always the one driving when we go there.

Sammys however... :smiley::D:D:D 9.99 pitchers and its within stumbling distance of my place mwahahaha