Nick Grisby

Has anyone heard why he left Winnipeg, and would he be worth signing now?? What’s the opionion here!!??

From what I heard, O'Shea was going to put him in a limited role again for the game against the Stampeders. When Geigsby got the news, and didn't like what heard, he asked for his release. So Winnipeg released him.

As far as coming to Saskatchewan, I say no. If a guy can't be a team player, and accept his role from week to week in the overall team concept, he is not worth a look. Running Back is the easiest position to recruit for.... If I a guy up and quits because he doesn't like what the coaches are saying, see you later!!!!

I agree besides we have 3 good backs and if Tolson ever gets a chance I think he would be just as good. Grisby was not that great anyways. Sure he had a few good games but game in game out he wasn't spectacular and as mentioned could you imagine what would have happen to Allen if he took the same attitude? It doesn't really matter if hes good bad or whatever he has shown its all about himself and that we don't need on the team.