Hi Friend. Since you posted this same thing in the Grigsby thread already operating, should I assume that all Grigsby posts are now to go here and your posts form the continuity? If so....

Not interested in him.


Most people will not look into posts that go that long as usaully it will be way off topic

Ticats are signing Grigsby, from Drew Edwards

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Yeah, I'm not yet sold on our 3rd string RBs and doubt Gable is going to be healthy enough with how long he's been out injured. Madu will hopefully be back this week, but having another insurance policy RB couldn't hurt.

I'll say this, if Mr. Grigsby thinks he's going to be handed a start here, he's got another thing coming.

There are 2 sides to every story. Right now I have only heard the company line from the Bombers. I am willing to give the kid a shot if Austin thinks he can be a positive addition to the team. When you lose 7 in a row and your other RB can only come up with 31 yards rushing against the Esks maybe pointing the finger at your RBs isn't the way to go. That and I'd take ALMOST anyone who would help us win at this point. For those who know me I said ALMOST (ie. No Cox or Emry)

Add in 2che-bag Owens, Anderson, Bishop, or, my personal fav - Craig Yeast... lol

Why are you posting random players no longer in the CFL you don't like...

I'd even take Anderson lol. Ahhh yes your bff Craig Yeast :lol: The good ol' days

Let's hope he can add something. Hopefully no attitude, I'm sure Austin won't have him around if he has a hissy fit.

You never know sometimes when a player comes to a new team his attitude changes for the better, ie, Arland Bruce!!

I'm sure Kent Austin would have spelled things out quite clearly to Grigsby if he thought an attitude problem would come with the signing.
Based on what I saw from him earlier in the season, I think Grigsby can help this team right now.

Did I miss something? A lot of posts in a few different threads are talking like Grigsby is a TiCat already. Has there been an announcement, or is it all just speculation still?

Great signing here there is no BS here he has 700 + YDS and 9 TD he has a proven Resume and is a STARTER so far this season , now how the Ticats and General Austin use him ? is to be seen and proven : I think this is definitely a value added signing $ W ....... :cowboy:

The strongest confirmation I've read or heard was from Ken Welch on CH's Monday evening newscast. He said "The Tiger-Cats have confirmed that Grigsby will be joining the team" and I believe he also said "in time to practise with the team starting Tuesday."

Apparently the Cats return to practice tomorrow (Tuesday) at Tim Horton's Field at which time they will probably announce the signing of Grigsby to the roster, from what I heard the deal was done over the weekend and he will be ready to start practice this week in time for the Argo game on Saturday in Toronto.


Guess I'll go on the record as saying that I'm not all that interested or excited in Grigsby joining Hamilton.

I worry about the time that will be required to bring him up to speed with the playbook & offensive scheme. That'll take away from the offense preparing as a whole for what are 3 very important games remaining in the regular season. Time spent bringing him up to speed takes away from the offense building & expanding upon the foundation that has already been built & laid.

Also, I'm not entirely impressed with him. His yards/carry average is not better than what we already have at just 4.6. His yards per reception is very low at just 8.1. Overall, his yards per touch is 5.47. Mosses Madu's is 7.42 yards per touch & CJ's was 7.54 yards per touch. (BTW ... his 5.47 yards per touch from the line of scrimmage is just a little better than his college average of 5.3) None of these things are really worth writing home about.

Now ... as an insurance policy ... sure. But I wouldn't be playing him Saturday against Toronto regardless if Mossis is ready to go or not.

FG69, I hear what you are saying, but, I respectfully disagree.
Delone Carter had not carried a ball in a pro game since Dec.9 2012 and never played a CFL game, had 3 practices and started Sat. night.
Sam Ojuri had never played a pro game before Sat. night, but had the luxury of the practice squad since June 2014.

Now,These things about Grigsby, ARE worth writing home about!
Grigsby was the starter for WPG, was 1st in the league with touchdowns scored(9) was 2nd in the league in total yards(1188) and 4th in rushing(744yrds)
Grigsby now has a humongous chip on his shoulder, he will want to succeed.
Just look at what happened to Norwood when he got demoted and was given another chance!

Mossis texted me on Friday or Saturday and said he spoke with Nic and he said he will be a Ticat. People have ignored me pointing that out but whatever :slight_smile:

This is definitely a credit to Grigsby, as he has stayed healthy all season, something our backs haven't done this season. But, FenderGuy69 had it right in saying his stats aren't much better on a per play basis, spare the extra TDs. (He has 9 total and the combo of Gable/Madu have 5 I think total this year, along with 1,141 yards from scrimmage). The biggest thing to me though is this...the Ticats RBs have I think 96 carries on the year while Grigsby has 162. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Yes. But Eric didn't walk into Austin's office and ask for his release. He took his benching like a professional & came back better & has been on a tear ever since.