Sadly, he is better than anything we have until Willy is able too start . Maybe if he gets some more playing time he will be decent ? Unfortunately any QB we bring in to Winnipeg usually turns in to a disaster. I’m hoping for the best but not expecting much !

Well, assuming that Brohm will be released, at least this means that the gophers who inhabit IGF field can sleep more soundly now and not have to worry about Brohm's gopher killing passes.

Yep, we've added another QB who throws INTs to the roster. Awesome. I would have taken Nichols 2 years ago, but I have no interest in him anymore. At least this one has thrown a few TD passes I guess but if this is how he performed in Edmonton, what's he going to look like behind our Oline? Chevon Walker and Matt Nichols. Is there anyone not laughing at the bombers right now?

Yes, Walters is busy signing/trading for rejects from other teams. Isn’t that what Taman used to do when he was GM in Winnipeg?

Trading for Nichols is simply a desperation move made by Walters to let him hold onto his job for a few more weeks. Doing something is better than sitting idly by.

McManus originally recommended Brohm to Walters. I wonder if that will eventually cost McManus his job, too?

Guess Nichols' arrival doesn't mean Brohm gets released right away:

gary lawless ?@garylawless 8m8 minutes ago

Early thinking out of #bombers camp is that Nichols will be on roster but won't start Sunday. I'm told Marve is hurt - expect Brohm to start

If Brohm starts and is pulled I hope they give the ball to Dominique Davis before they throw out Nichols. Davis I think is the least experienced but probably most skilled of the 4 guys we have right now, excluding Willy. Then again, with a vanilla offensive playbook, it probably won't take Nichols long to get up to speed. So there's a good chance a couple of castoffs like Nichols and Walker play after a couple of practices when Simmons, a top defensive player last year, was incapable of playing after a couple of practices.

Well even though they are both sideway nothing moves, at least they are doing something. It's better than doing nothing and expecting new results. Now let's see how the coaches can screw this up.

Terrible trade. As if Nichols can do a damn thing for the Bombers midseason stepping into a (crappy Bellefeuille) offense he'll have to learn on the fly. Also a damning indictment of the scouting capabilities of both the OC and the QB coach if they have to resort to a trade in the absence of their starter. And how do you pull the plug on Marve after so little playing time? :thdn:

Get your facts straight.... nobody is giving up on Marve, he is injured and not practicing. We need somebody that had some CFL experience.The Bombers only gave up a 7th rounder. At best he will be backing Willy up .

Yeah, sorry, I posted before I read the Lawless update on Marve. I still don't like the trade. There wasn't one QB on Winnipeg's neg list they could have brought in? Nobody who was a training camp casualty, someone who is at least familiar with the offense Bellefeuille is running?

I believe a QB name Dominique Davis is sharing reps with Brohm . Nichols won't be playing according to O'Shea. Not sure exactly where rock bottom is ? The Bombers should be there shortly !

Thanks for the update. I really feel for the players, especially on the offensive line. I don't think they are being put in a position to succeed and no O-lineman takes pleasure in being a turnstile on the way to giving up a bazillion sacks. Even mainstream reporters are starting to notice that Bellefeuille's offenses have largely been unable to keep the QB upright...

The running joke is ... They should start Nichols .. Everybody else can figure out the a Bomber Offence in s few days ! :roll:

Well, O'Shea said it was basically between Brohm and Davis for the starting job, Marve was dealing with a LBI but is day to day but could dress. Still, they gave most of the first team reps to Brohm which would imply he's the likely starter.

Sad part is, since they are going to dress Chevon Walker and possibly Nichols after just a couple of practices but didn't dress Jasper Simmons, wouldn't that imply that the offense is a lot easier to pick up than the D?

I think many are over reacting to these moves. Like Dan said, it's better than doing nothing and with Marve unlikely to play we needed another body who has experience in the league. Let's see how he does as a Bomber before we throw him under the bus. Honestly - he can't be any worse than Brohm. As for Davis, I'd rather not ruin his confidence, let him battle for a backup spot next year.
If Brohm starts this is going to be another painful Labour Day. I feel sorry for the fans making the trip.

Giant ho hum on Nichols ...He was as good as Riley once ,but after two bad injuries, he has dropped to just a fill in in my eyes....Franklin in Edm. beat him out for the no 2...a green qb. who admittedly looks like Nichols of old....Which brings me to...where the heck is Danny McManus and what's he done for us lately...You'd think if anyone could spot an up and comer it would be Danny... :roll: The cupboard is bare in the qb. dept. and it sure doesn't look good on our so-called scouting...The game in Regina looks like a write off already with 'bounce one to me' Brohm at the controls...We are pretty much forced into starting him and I'm sure the 'want to be rejuvenated' riders are salivating at the prospect of ' hoppy' starting... :thdn: ....Mr. O'Shea has quite a mess on his hands and I predict...IF we give Sask. their first win of the season and then proceed to drop the banjo, Mike will be on life support. :wink:

Anyone catch Nichols’ interview this afternoon? Couple hours of study and one practice and he says he’s got the playbook figure out pretty good. So thoughtful of Marcel to not make it intricate and complex.

And then that begs the question of why our back-ups (especially Brohm) can't figure it out and succeed ? If Nichols, hopefully, is successful on such a short time span, who do we hold responsible for bringing in QBs that are so dumb ?

Zing !!!

Boy it sure does beg that question, doesn't it Dan?

I don't recall, so someone enlighten me. . . who was it that brought Brohm and Marve in? McManus? Walters? Mack?

......Intricate offence and Marcel are just not compatible ....they are 2 horses of another colour....Now vanilla seems to fit...As far as I remember Bellefueille and Danny Mac were bending Walters ear on bringing in 'Hoppy' (I 'm now refusing to use his name ,cuz he isn't a real quarterback) from their experience with him in Ham....What they seen,who the hell knows...The guy can't throw and I believe that's a big prerequisite when one wants to be a quarterback....I don't know if Nichols can pick up enough of Marcels ingenious (lol) offensive plan but they better have him at the ready...It's a good thing this game isn't being played in the Peg, because a couple of bounced throws and a few interceptions would have seen 'Hoppy' booed out of Winnipeg...The boo birds were already starting to chitter in the last game when the 'supposed' qb. was put in...In Regina they'll just laugh and we'll look just like they're trying to paint us...a joke..How do I get up for this game....let me see...maybe someone brings in a hypnotist and convinces 'Hoppy' he is really Ricky Ray...otherwise?????? :roll: