Nichols traded

Well the first move was made. Nichols to Bombers for conditional 7th round 2016.

So the Bombers got this guy for very little. This is telling that the Eskimos don't value that player very highly. Very interesting that with Mike Reilly still 3-4 weeks away they are banking on young Franklin for 3-4 games minimum.

I think the Bombers panicked but I guess they have to. Sounds like Willy might be shelved for the year and #2 and #3 are getting thrown under the bus just like their #2 and #3 guys last year. But while the Bombers panicked.........they might just have acquired a guy good enough to get them 3-4 more wins and keep their playoff hope alive. If you think Riders fans are pissed right now think of the Bombers.............I don't think they know what the playoffs even are and anyone 23 or younger has no idea what a Grey cup is............ouch

This week a refreshed Riders home............will have Brohm and Marve to deal with. Next week the Bombers at home with a better offense with Nichols.

This just shows what we have with Brett Smith. Cherish the fact you have a guy that is getting better week in and week out. But help him along and hopefully we see the improvements week after week after week that we have seen. But recognize teams have a lot of tape on Smith and this offense and they can prepare better..........this is where QB's flatline (Tino Sunseri).

But the shock for me is W'peg not willing to allow the young guns more time and pulling the trigger?

Watching that Bombers game last week and yeah the fans were not happy campers at all. The boo birds came out pretty quickly after Brohm went in. Almost a Tino scenario there, just that Riders fans boo to themselves. Not shocked that Winnipeg made a move and they did get Nichols dirt cheap, almost insultingly cheap in fact. Nothing to lose there as neither they guys behind Willy looked good period.

smart trade. I mean, Nichols is not a great QB...but at least it is some experience. A conditional could amount to no trade at all...condition could be him making roster in 2016...which he likely won't. The Esks knew they were done with him...I can't entirely fault the call...they have given him ample opportunity and he has not worked least in their system. The only thing I find suprising about this is that it leaves only 2 QBs on their active roster